BP discovers not first or second.. But THIRD gas field in Egypt

Published March 27th, 2017 - 02:00 GMT
BP will own 100% of the new gas field. (File photo)
BP will own 100% of the new gas field. (File photo)

British Petroleum (BP) announced a new natural gas discovery in the North Damietta East Delta marine concession area. This is BP’s third find in that sector. The exploratory well (Katameya shallow 1) was dug to 1,961 metres in water of 108 metres in depth using the Kaher 2 drill.

Electric drill records, pressure data, and fluid samples all confirmed a 37-metre thick gas carrier layer in sand rocks. The company is now studying the possible options to link that find to the existing infrastructure.

Chief executive of BP Bob Dudley said that the new well is the company’s third find in that concession area, where the company is now developing the Atol field. He noted that continuous success proves the company’s confidence that the Nile Delta is a global gas basin.

President of BP’s North Africa division Hesham Mekawy said that the company is happy with the continued success. He added that the find proves the company’s belief in the huge reserves of gas in the area, which will help the company develop the resources, as part of its long-term commitment to Egypt.

The Katameya shallow 1 is 60 km north of Damietta, 30 km south of the Salamat field, and 35 km west of the Hapi marine field facilities. BP owns 100% of the find.


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