ChatGPT can now book flights, hotels

Published March 24th, 2023 - 02:32 GMT
ChatGPT can now book your flights, hotels
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Added plugins improve ChatGPT's functions, allowing it to surf the web, book your flights and hotels.

ALBAWABA - OpenAI said it is gradually introducing plugins that would significantly expand the functions of the chatbot.

ChatGPT will be able to browse the Web, book flights and hotels, adding to its previous tasks of identifying locations and preparing itineraries, according to the artificial intelligence company.

CNET reported that the first wave of plugins, which "are now available in alpha to select ChatGPT users and developers, allow ChatGPT to tap new sources of live data from the web, including third-party sources such as Expedia, Kayak and Instacart."

Before the upgrade, ChatGPT was "restricted to drawing information from its training data, which ran until 2021," CNET added.

"Though not a perfect analogy, plugins can be 'eyes and ears' for language models, giving them access to information that is too recent, too personal, or too specific to be included in the training data," OpenAI said on its website.

For instance, ChatGPT can now pull up answers to questions such as how the box office sales of this year's Oscar winners compare to those of other movies released recently. This new functionality is served up thanks to the browser plugin, which shows the sources the generative AI service is drawing information from before it spits out an answer. 

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