Chavez:calls for OPEC unity in order to re-launch a renovated OPEC.

Published September 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Venezuela President Chavez in the Opening of the OPEC heads of state summit on Wednesday, called for unity has the more important step the organization can make to guaranty the charter of the OPEC and be able to confront globalization, and outside pressures against the organization.  


"Together, will be invincible!" Chavez said. Chavez said that the industrialized consumers nations will have to accept our "just prices for our oil, like we accept the just prices of their goods". 


Chavez mention as an example of just price that a barrel of shampoo cost $ 2.056,00 and our small barrel of oil just $26.00, "We ask for justice," he said.  


If oil prices are now taken away some of the strength in global economic growth, "we're not to blame," Chavez said. "Others, elsewhere in the world, are."  


Chavez called to industrialize nations to have a talk with OPEC countries but in the same terms, "let's talk about oil prices, but also about, foreign debt, poverty in equal terms"talk with suggested OPEC can champion the reduction of poor countries' credit, debt, interest rates and poverty in equal terms"" unequal" terms of trade. 


Chavez supported the Algerian's president ideas for a OPEC World Fund for poor nations, an OPEC Bank, an OPEC university and an OPEC research and development institute. Referring to a the speech given by President Bouteflika before he spoke at the Summit opening. 

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By Elio Ohep  


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