Common office personality types - can you recognize these people at your workplace?

Published April 8th, 2015 - 06:00 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Working in a company, government institution or a large organization means that you will meet many people of different personalities and character. The characters and behaviors of colleagues, managers and workers psychologically and behaviorally affect others and are affected others, and this has causes and intellectual ideologies. However, few of us know how to deal with others’ attitudes or how to behave properly with them. Therefore, they can be victims of people whom they believed in, but in truth they turn out to be enemies or evil-hearted people.

The family and social adviser Abdulrahman Alqrash advises on the three personality types you will face at work to enable you to deal with them in an appropriate manner to achieve your best interests and avoid harmful clashes.

1.  First type: the helpless oppressed

People of this type of personality feel that they came to life against their will and that they live in a cruel merciless world. They believe that everything in life, even the events that people have no control over, is intended to harm them, or that there are people who seek to destroy and take advantage of them. That is why it can be frustrating to deal with them. If you have to work with them, do not listen to everything they say, because their melancholic and pessimistic view of life may lead you to think wrongly that others may be enemies and consequently you behave in a hostile way with them. It is best not to talk to them unless you need to.
2.  Second type: moody people

These people are used to trick others and they change their behavior very quickly and unexpectedly to serve their personal interests without regard for others’ feelings. They adopt the attitude “Après moi, le deluge”. Their selfishness creates many negative feelings among those who deal with them. They are very clever and can change things in their favor. However, they do not have anyone who loves or respects them, so they do not have friends. You must be as careful as possible when dealing with them in order not to fall victim to their tricks.

3.  Third type: successful types

Successful people are a source of inspiration and a lighthouse that provides people with guidance. They are true role models. However, there are many enemies of success. Dealing with such successful people makes you optimistic and gives you great energy and desire to become like them. You need to read the biography of successful and great people to improve your behavior. The best biography to learn from is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and who followed him. You should not adopt only one approach to avoid being locked into your reality. Life is fast and requires us to change and keep up with developments to achieve success, regardless of where we live, what color we are or what ideology we adopt.

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