The Coolest 5 'Superhero' Inventions Trying to Save the World

Published January 23rd, 2020 - 12:59 GMT
The Coolest 5 'Superhero' Inventions Trying to Save the World
Numerous 'superhero' technologies have been introduced, ones that aim to limit the danger posed by different harmful practices. (Aō AIR / March 31, 2019)

In a world stricken by fear of an environmental apocalypse as the threat of climate change becomes more serious, many scientists have been working hard to come up with innovative tools that can save humanity and rescue Mother Earth.

Many 'superhero' technologies are being uncovered, with the aim to limit the danger posed by water and air pollution, carbon emissions resulting from energy generation and consumption, and many other human practices that harm the ecosystem and its creatures.

Scientists are devoting their skills to design creative, smart gadgets that can provide more green energy and shape sustainable human behavior, by incorporating artificial intelligence, bio and nanotechnology, and data analytics into their inventions.

1. Carbon Capture Technology

As the earth is filled with 50 billion new tons of carbon dioxide every year, coming up with a way to capture this temperature-rising gas and remove it from the atmosphere has been a top priority for scientists struggling to combat climate change.

There are some great biological solutions to tackle the issue of climate change, like planting more trees that turn CO2 emissions into Oxygen. But new emerging technological methods have also been successful in accomplishing the exact same goal, and even more effectively.

Carbon Engineering facilities in Canada can capture CO2 from the air when huge fans attract a ton of low-concentrated CO2 each day. Engineers have managed to precipitate the captured amounts of carbon dioxide into solid calcium carbonate pellets, which can be either buried somewhere safe or be used to make other things out of it.

Some experiments have also accomplished success by combining the CO2 with hydrogen creating a carbon-neutral fuel. 

2. Plant-based Plastic

Plastic has been piling up in our oceans and is responsible for affecting wildlife, humans and their habitats. Studies show that humans get rid of over 300 million tons of plastic every year, out of which 8 million tons end up in the ocean.

Bio-engineers have successfully presented a new form of plastic that is made entirely out of agricultural scraps, like sugarcane, wheat, or other food waste and can easily replace the regular non-degrading forms of plastic that are harming the environment.

3. Edible Water Blobs 

As part of the continuous efforts to end the use of wasteful packaging, many companies have been introducing free-packaging products, including edible drinking water.

Edible water branded as Ooho is made of extracted seaweed and have absolutely no flavor, at least so far, but future plans could include a variety of flavors in the near future.

According to Ooho manufacturers, the cost of producing edible water blobs is much lower than that of producing plastic bottles, which means that their project can be a win for the environment, and to drinking water businesses.

4. Clean Air Mask

As a solution to help individuals breathe clean air in a highly polluted world, a tech-solutions American company called Aō AIR has come up with a $350 mask that purifies the air consumed by its users. 

Even though it's an expensive gadget, Atmos Faceware promises its users to lower levels of developing health conditions caused by polluted air, like heart diseases, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Thanks to its transparent design, Atmos masks can become a cool fashion trend as soon as they're released by July 2020.

5. Air Ink 

Boston-based Indian Graviky labs have made use of carbon emissions for its own good, turning it to usable 'Air Ink' that can be used every day by everyone without causing the environment any more harm.

Air Ink developers promise to turn life-threatening air pollution into a source of life, allowing artists to take part in saving the world while they create their artworks.

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