Crystal Healing: A Cure or a Scam?

Published July 9th, 2021 - 12:00 GMT
Crystal Healing: A Cure or a Scam?
In short, crystal healing is a form of alternative therapy that is said to have healing energy for mental and/or physical wellbeing. (shutterstock)

For some of us crystals are just nice jewelries that can complement our looks or outfit. However, for others it can mean much more than that, and this is exactly where crystal healing comes in. Crystal healing has been around for centuries, and its popularity was further driven in the last few years as celebrities began publicly speaking about it. However, many of us still do not know what crystal healing really is, and whether what is said about its healing powers is true. 


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In short, crystal healing is a form of alternative therapy that is said to have healing energy for mental and/or physical wellbeing. The different types of crystal usually serve a different purpose, ranging from influencing feelings and thoughts, such as protection and focus, to pain relief. In order to be able to better understand what each crystal really does, let us take a look on some of the most popular healing crystals: 
- Amethyst

It is believed that the amethyst crystal targets the crown chakra, and thus its healing energy brings physical and emotional tranquility. 

- Rose Quartz

If you believe in crystal healing and are looking for love and a new relationship, then this crystal is for you! 

- Jade

Looking for luck, abundance and prosperity, then look no further! Jade is popular for bringing luck and blessings from the universe.

- Chrysocolla

Having all the chakras, this crystal helps the body stay in tune and perform at its best when placed at any of your energy points.

Knowing exactly what works for you is difficult, however it is important to know why you need the crystal before investing in it. Not only do you not want to become frustrated when seeing no results for using the wrong crystal, it can also be quite expensive. It is reported that high end investing in crystal healing can range from $2K to $10K! Therefore, if you are still testing the waters when it comes to crystal healing, then opt for buying small inexpensive stones that are around $10. 

But what do researchers and scientists say about crystal healing? 

Although there is no scientific evidence to back the benefits of crystal healing, psychologists say that the absence of such evidence does not negate that crystal healing can in fact help some people. And this is where the placebo effect comes into play. However, while there is no link between crystals and healing, the placebo effect does play a role in making people feel better. That is why keeping an open mind in regards to crystal healing is necessary, as you cannot negate the experience of one another. 

Crystal healing might prove to be beneficial for some, while others might believe that is a complete hoax. But what about you? Do you believe in the power of crystal healing? Tell us your thoughts! 

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