Dead Island 2 is back, to be released April 21

Published April 2nd, 2023 - 10:19 GMT
Dead island is back

ALBAWABA - Dead Island 2 has been in the works for a while now. One of those new games in 2023 that truly can't be overlooked is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Techland's zombie-bashing slaughter fest.

Developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver have finally put this bloody sequel back on track after years of lost plans and restarts.

So far, it has been very impressive.



Dead Island 2's story opens on an evacuation plane as it rescues you and a group of other survivors from the infested, condemned streets of Los Angeles. However, your plane crashes and you're left on your own to scavenge your way through the wreckage. Then, after being bitten by a zombie while fighting it, your character discovers that they don't transform into zombies, which leads them to believe that they must be immune from the virus that causes zombies to appear.

You now need to figure out how to work with other survivors and clear a passage through the abandoned city, so that you can reach the authorities and arrange for the rescue of your entire team.


Dead Island 2 completely revamps everything loved about the first game.

To begin with, the map has been divided into sections called districts. According to game Director David Stenton, the battle itself maintains a similar emphasis on melee hack-and-slash action, but the experience has significantly changed since 2011.

FLESH mechanism. The horrifying, anatomically precise graphics aim to replicate the humor and revulsion of the 80s horror, injecting some much-needed lightness into a game with such horrific violence. The game witnesses the addition of the new FLESH system ,"Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids," which is a modern technological advancement that makes Dead Island 2 the most brutal and realistic zombie game available.

In addition to the ability to build a versatile deck of skills that you may change at any time, you'll be gathering skill cards to add to it. The "symphony of the combat sandbox" the game provides a variety of methods to support your preferred playstyle, from flawless dodges that stun enemies to health-restoring war cries.

Here is a trailer of the game provided below:

Dead island 2, which will be released on all consoles on April 21, will sell for $59.99

Written by Albawaba intern Jawad al-Madani

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