Dubai Customs Launches New Container Scanning System

Dubai Customs Launches New Container Scanning System
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Published October 6th, 2010 - 15:13 GMT

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Dubai Customs launched its new firstling system of the radioactive scanning for mobile vehicles along with launching the latest system of its kind worldwide for detecting trucks and containers and completing inspection and customs works without failure striking the balance in connection with protecting the security of the country from entry of banned, prohibited and detrimental materials.


Such move comes as part of the ongoing reform and modernization processes being made by Dubai Customs in consistence with the vision and directives of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and the Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai who underlines the importance of supporting the borders security and tightening control over entry of any goods affects the security of the country and harms public health without influencing the smooth flow of people and goods for achieving excellence and consolidating Dubai’s position as a leading and developed business hub in the region and world.


HE Ahmed Butti Ahmed, the Executive Chairman of Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation and Director general of Dubai Customs launched on Monday 4 October 2010 at  Jebel Ali Port the IP6500 system, an integrated system for scanning and  examining mobile containers and trucks through the radioactive detection of their contents.


The launching ceremony was attended by a high level USA delegation headed by the General Commissioner of USA Customs and Borders Protection, Mr. Alin Persin and the USA Consol General in Dubai, Mr. Jostin Sibreil. The ceremony was attended as well by Mr. Mohammed Al Moaalim, Vice-First Chairman and Director General of Dubai World in UAE.


“Dubai Customs seeks to install four extra radioactive systems at its customs ports, which, experience intensive traffic of trucks with objective of accelerating customs inspection operations, reinforce Dubai borders security capabilities and control entry of prohibited and banned goods. The new system is capable for scanning 150 trucks per hour while moving at a speed of 8 and 15 km coming to one truck every 24 seconds”, Mr. Butti said.


“The new inspection systems project comes within the framework of Dubai Government Strategic plan in respect to the security perspective through enhancing borders and ports control and develop the supporting systems and equipment keeping Dubai one of the most secured cities worldwide. It is a great stride towards underlining the organizational vision as to be the leading customs administration in the world supporting the legitimate trade. Such system are the latest of its kind in the world with a high transpiercing capability for detecting containers and trucks contents and identifying banned and prohibited  materials without affecting the contents  of goods and food stuff,” he affirmed.


“Dubai Customs does not hesitate in providing the latest and best technologies and inspection systems and greatly concerns with the protection of the local community and maintains the social security, a move comes as part of the organizational core business,” he added.


“Dubai Customs being the emirate’s gateway, undertakes the responsibility for preventing Dubai’s strategic location between West and East from any utilization or benefiting from the enormous re-export operations in the emirate for smuggling illegitimate goods, nuclear and radioactive substances and dangerous and internationally prohibited materials, a process consolidates Dubai position as a secured international trade hub”, he said.


The launching ceremony started with a direct meeting held by the Director General of Dubai Customs with the USA delegation at Customs main building where the UAS delegation was welcomed and ways of joint cooperation and promoting the existing partnership between the two sides were discussed.

USA Customs is one of Dubai Customs strategic partners particularly after Dubai Customs accession to the Container Security Initiative (CSI) that launched by USA Customs before five years under which containers heading to USA through Dubai ports only will be inspected including activation of CSI mechanisms for ensuring the facilitation of supply chain in international trade.

The IP6500 system requires only a limited and small built-up area allowing to be installed in congested locations. The system is set to be installed in five locations at Jebel Ali Port.

The system incorporates three scanning and detection techniques known as Optical Characteristic Recognition (OCR) being the first phase of the scanning process. When the container passes through the system gate the OCR recognizes the container numbers through firmed up cameras without stop or human intervention.

In the second phase when the container passes through, the Radiation Detection technique allows the spectroscopic radiation detection and identification, which conforms to ANSI N42.38-2006 standard for detecting radioactive substances and relocating them in the container.

Phase three of the container scanning process includes High-energy X-ray imaging technique. Such techniques, which is associated with the system operates on imaging systems that relies upon the 6.5 electron volt x-ray generator and radiation receiving detectors, which are transformed into images that can be interpreted by the images analysis programme enabling the inspection officer through the images taken from the system to view the contents of the container or truck without opening the container or halting the truck.

All the foregoing phases are conducted whilst containers or trucks are passing through without stop and within a standard period of time representing an increase of 750% as compared to the former scanning systems that used to scan 20 containers per hour requiring the container or truck to be stopped.

The inspection officers consistently attend specialized courses at which they are trained on comparing the images taken from the scanning systems with the information contained in the customs declaration in connection with the type of goods or container contents taking into consideration accuracy in performance and rapid clearance. 

The new system would be operated by Dubai Customs inspection capability, a cadre fully comprising of UAE national officers. The five gates system would require 80 inspectors operating on shift basis round the clock throughout the week.

As part of its strategic objectives to adopt and exchange best practices in respect to business procedures and processes and provide best technological resources, Dubai Customs depends upon an integrated inspection and detection system including a mobile customs laboratory comprising of a van fitted with a number of systems of higher technology for testing samples of suspected materials and carrying out the necessary analysis.


The different customs centers and locations are equipped as well with x-ray detection systems for examining packages, documents and cargoes, mobile container scanning system, drugs and explosives remote scanning system that scans tiny particles  if the package cannot be touched for security reasons or safety requirements, radioactive substances detection system, fixed and mobile baggage and vehicles inspection system, intestines detection system, customs canine unit.

The USA delegation lauded Dubai Customs technological, technical and integrated infrastructure.

“Mirsal 2 as containing an advanced risk engine and the business rates an criteria contained therein raise the interaction level and risk management at Dubai Customs to the international standards”, said the General Commissioner of USA Customs and borders protection.

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