Durex launches online sex survey in the Middle East

Published February 8th, 2005 - 07:12 GMT

In an extreme effort to promote awareness on sex education, sex diseases and necessary precautions to avoid abortions and teenage pregnancies, Durex has launched an online sex survey on Al Bawaba  (www.albawaba.com)  to generate its very own discreet database and weigh out the awareness level in the Middle East.


Rhys Neal, the Durex Regional Manager of Export said, “In the past, Durex worldwide had conducted a global survey where more than 350,000 people from 41 countries took part in the world’s largest ever survey of sexual attitudes and behaviour to help prevent sexually transmitted infections.”


Rhys Neal further added, “We felt the need to conduct a similar online survey in the Middle East to help bring about a strong sense of awareness and preventive measures on various sexual diseases that is fast spreading within our societies. It’s no doubt that the Middle East is growing into a fast paced hub with different cultural societies in it. We hope that Community services such as this will help educate and benefit all.”


Irina Sharma, Managing Partner of ekadaa PR, explained, “The importance of education is so relevant and necessary worldwide in order to create awareness on health related issues and Middle East should be no different. With the regional advancements and evolution taking place, the Middle East is growing into an international hub. Community services and increased awareness should target not only the local community but an international community living in this region.”


Irina Sharma further said, “ekadaa Public Relations is proud to represent Durex in the Middle East.  It’s a challenging brand and we hope to achieve the awareness we consistently strive too in this region through the most powerful tool…PR. She concludes, “A terrible thing happens without publicity….Nothing!” 


Mark Gatty Saunt, Al Bawaba’s Gulf Director commented, “Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy is a truly global problem that needs increased awareness in every region of the world. And by providing this survey, our intent is to raise the awareness of safe sex to the every growing community of Albawaba.com website visitors.”


Mark Gatty Saunt further comments, “Community service projects is an area which Al Bawaba will become increasingly more involved in. And we are already a long-term valuable source of customized Arabic news feeds for the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization.”

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