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1G — First generation analog cellular standards (AMPS, TACS) 

2G — Second generation digital cellular standards 

3G — Third generation cellular systems providing speedy data communications 

3LD — Third Level Domain 

A — GPS Assisted Global Positioning System 

A/D — Analog to Digital converter 

AAA — Accounting Authorization and Authentication server 

AAL — ATM Adaptation Layer 

ABC — Advanced Broadband Communications 

ABIST — Automatic Built In Self Test 

AC — Aeronautical Administrative Communications 

AC/WPBX — Advanced Cordless/Wireless Private Branche Exchange 

ACATS — Advisory Committee on Advance Television Service 

ACE — Advanced Communications Experiments 

ACP — African, Caribbean and Pacific countries 

ACPE — Association of European Private Cable Operators 

ACT — Automated Computer Technology 

ACTS — Advanced Communications Technologies & Services 

Ad — Andorra Country domain IP abbreviation 

ADB — African Development Bank 

ADC — Analog to Digital Conversion 

ADCT — Adaptive Discrete Cosine Transform Coding (video coding) 

ADEOS — Advanced Earth Exploration Satellite 

ADM — Administrative 

ADP — Automatic Data Processing 

ADPCM — Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation 

ADS — Advanced Digital System 

ADS — Automatic Dependent Surveillance (USA) 

ADSL — Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line  

ADTT — Advanced Digital Television Technologies 

Ae — United Arab Emirates Country domain IP abbreviation 

AeFS — Aeronautical Fixed Service 

AeM — Aeronautical Mobile Service 

AeM(OR) — Aeronautical Mobile Service (off-route) 

AeM(R) — Aeronautical Mobile Service (route) 

AeMS — Aeronautical Mobile Service 

AeMSS — Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service 

AeMSS(OR) — Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service (off-route) 

AeMSS(R) — Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service (route) 

AeRNS — Aeronautical Radionavigation Service 

AeRNSS — Aeronautical Radionavigation-Satellite Service 

Af — Afghanistan Country domain IP abbreviation 

AFC — Automatic Frequency Control, 

AFSCN — Air Force Satellite Control Network (USA) 

Ag — Antigua And Barbuda Country domain IP abbreviation 

AGA — Air-Ground-Air 

AGC — Automatic Gain Control 

AGP — Accelerated Graphics Port 

AHCIET — Asociacion Hispanoamericana de Centros de Investigacion y empresas de Telecomunicaciones 

Ai — Anguilla Country domain IP abbreviation 

AI — Artificial Intelligence 

AIM — Advanced Informatics for Medicine 

AIM — AOL Instant Messenger 

AIM — Ascend Inverse Multiplexing protocol 

AIN — Advanced Intelligent Network  

AIP — Advanced Information Processing 

AIP — Advanced Infrastructure Planning 

AIS — Automatic Ship Identification and Surveillance System 

AKM — Apogee Kick Motor 

Al — Albania Country domain IP abbreviation 

AL — Assembly Language 

ALGOL — ALGOrithmic Language 

ALINVEST — Investment Program for Latin America 

ALU — Arithmetic Logic Unit 

AM — Amplitude Modulation 

Am — Armenia Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

AMI — Alternate Mark Inversion 

AMPS — Advanced Mobile Phone Service 

AMPS — Analog mobile phone system  

AmS — Amateur Service 

AMSAT — Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (USA) 

AMSC — American Mobile Satellite Corporation (USA) 

AMSS — Aeronautical Mobile-Satellite Service 

AmSS — Amateur-Satellite Service 

AMTIESA — Association of Management Training Institutions of Eastern and Southern Africa 

An — Netherlands Antilles Country domain IP abbreviation 

ANFR — Agence National des Frequences Radioelectriques (F) 

ANS — Air Navigation System 

ANSI — American National Standards Institute (USA) 

Ao — Angola Country domain IP abbreviation 

AOA — Angle of Arrival 

AOC — Aeronautical Operational Control 

AOL — America Online 

AP — Application Pilot 

APC — Adaptive Power Control 

APC — Aeronautical Public Correspondence = TFTS 

APC — American Personal Communications (USA) 

APCO — Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International, Inc. (USA) 

APEC — Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation 

API — Advance Publication Information (ITU-R) 

API — Applications Programming Interface 

APL — A Programming Language 

APPC — Advanced Program to Program Communications 

APT — Application Pilot Transfer (Group) 

APT — Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 

Aq — Antarctica Country domain IP abbreviation 

Ar — Argentina Country domain IP abbreviation 

ARABSAT — Arab Satellite Communications Organization 

ARAG — AntiReflection AntiGlare 

ARC — Administrative Radio Conference 

ARFA — Allied Radio Frequency Agency 

ARIA — Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (USA) 

ARIN — American Registry of Internet Numbers 

ARP — Address Resolution Protocol 

ARPA — Advanced Research Projects Agency 

ARQ — Automatic Repeat Request 

ARSR — Air Route Surveillance Radar 

ART — Arab Radio and Television 

ART — Authorite de Regulation des Telecommunications (France)  

As — American Samoa Country domain IP abbreviation 

ASA — Austrian Space Agency (A) 

ASCII — American Standard Code for Information Interchange 

ASDE — Airport Surface Detection Equipment 

ASDL — Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 

ASEAN — Association of Southeast Asian Nations 

ASEM — Asian European Meeting 

ASIC — Application Specific Integrated Circuit 

ASINVEST — Investment Program for Asia 

ASK — Amplitude Shift Keying 

ASM — Association for Systems Management 

ASO — Australian Space Office (Aus) 

ASP — Average Selling Price 

ASR — Automatic Speech Recognition 

ASTAP — Asia-Pacific Telecommunity Standardization Program (APT) 

ASV — Advanced Safety Vehicle System 

At — Austria Country domain IP abbreviation 

AT&T — American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation 

ATAPI — Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface 

ATC — Air Traffic Control 

ATD — Asynchronous Time Division switching, a multiplexing technique 

ATDRS — Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite 

ATDRSS — Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System 

ATH — ATM Transmission Hierarchy 

ATM — Asynchronous Transfer Mode 

ATM — Automated Teller Machine 

ATN — Amateur Television Network (USA) 

ATNF — Australia Telescope National Facility (Aus) 

ATS — Air Traffic Services  

ATS — ATM Transmission System 

ATU — Arab Telecommunication Union 

ATV — Advanced Television (also known as HDTV) 

ATV — Amateur Television (USA) 

ATVA — American Television Alliance 

AU — Adaptation Unit 

Au — Australia Country domain IP abbreviation 

AUI — Attachment Unit Interface  

AUI — Autonomous Unit Interface  

AUP — Acceptable Use Policy 

AVI — Audio Visual Interleaved file 

AVI — Automatic Vehicle Identification 

AVM — Automatic Vehicle Monitoring 

AVN — Adobe Virtual Network 

Aw — Aruba Country domain IP abbreviation 

AWACS — Airborne Warning and Control System 

AWG — American wire gauge 

Az — Azerbaidjan Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

B2B — Business to business 

B2C — Business to consumer 

B8ZS — Binary Eight Zero Suppression encoding scheme 

Ba — Bosnia Herzegovina Ex-Yugoslavia Country domain IP abbreviation 

BAPT — Bundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation (D) 

BAS — Broadcast Auxiliary Service 

BASIC — Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instructional Code 

BATELCO — Bahrain Telecommunications Company, Bahrain 

Baud — In a modem, one signal per second 

Bb — Barbados Country domain IP abbreviation 

BBN — Broadband Noise 

BBS — Bulletin Board System 

BBT — Belgian Broadband Trial 

BCC — Block Check Character 

BCC — Broad Channel Connector 

BCD — Binary Code Decimal 

BCF — Budget Cross-flow Model 

BCPN — Business Customer Premises Network 

Bd — Bangladesh Country domain IP abbreviation 

BDT — Telecommunication Development Bureau (ITU) 

Be — Belgium Country domain IP abbreviation 

BEDO — Burst Extended Data Output 

BER — Bit Error Rate 

BERKOM — Berliner Kommunikations (German optical network) 

BERT — Bit Error Rate Test 

Bf — Burkina Faso Country domain IP abbreviation 

BFSK — Binary Frequency Shift Keying 

Bg — Bulgaria Country domain IP abbreviation 

Bh — Bahrain Country domain IP abbreviation 

BHTML — Broadcast Hypertext Markup Language 

Bi — Burundi Country domain IP abbreviation 

Big LEO — Big low earth orbit satellite systems 

BIH — does no longer exist; formerly: Bureau International de l'Heure 

BIOS — Basic Input Output System 

BIPM — Bureau International de Poids et Mesures 

B-ISDN — Broadband ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) 

BISYNC — Binary Synchronous Communications Protocol 

BIT — Binary Information Unit, Binary Digit 

BITNET — A large academic network, related to but not technically a part of the Internet 

BIX — BYTE Information Exchange (A commercial information service) 

Bj — Benin Country domain IP abbreviation 

BLOB — Binary Large Object 

Bluetooth — Short range radio technology enabling electronic devices 

Bm — Bermuda Country domain IP abbreviation 

BMFT — Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (D) 

BMPT — Bundesministerium für Post und Telekommunikation (D) 

Bn — Brunei Darussalam Country domain IP abbreviation 

BNSC — British National Space Centre (GB) 

Bo — Bolivia Country domain IP abbreviation 

BoB — Breakout Box 

BOC — Bell Operating Company 

BOL — Begin of Life  

BONDING — Bandwidth On Demand Interoperability Group 

BOP — Bit oriented protocol 

BOT — Build, Operate, Transfer agreement 

bpi — Bits Per Inch 

BPR — Business Process Reengineering 

Bps — Bits per second 

BPSK — Binary Phase-Shift Keying 

Br — Brazil Country domain IP abbreviation 

BRI — Basic Rate Interface 

Bs — Bahamas Country domain IP abbreviation 

BS — Base Station 

BS — Broadcasting Service 

BSA — Business Software Alliance 

BSFOCS — Black Sea Fiber Optic Cable System 

BSS — Base Station System 

BSS — Broadcasting Satellite Service 

Bt — Bhutan Country domain IP abbreviation 

BT — British Telecom (GB) 

BT — Business Telecommunications 

BTA — Basic Trading Area 

Bv — Bouvet Island Country domain IP abbreviation 

BW — Bandwidth 

Bw — Botswana Country domain IP abbreviation 

By — Belarus Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

Bz — Belize Country domain IP abbreviation 

C/I — Carrier-to-intermodulation products 

C/N — Carrier to Noise ratio 

C-450 — Analog cellular telephone standard (Germany, Portugal) 

Ca — Canada Country domain IP abbreviation 

CA — Communications Assistant 

CAA — Computer Aided Analysis 

CAC — Customer Access Connection 

CAD — Computer Aided Design 

CADD — Computer Aided Design & Drafting 

CAE — Computer Aided Engineering 

CAGR — Compound Annual Growth Rate 

CAI — Computer Aided Instruction 

CALS — Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support 

CAM — Computer Aided Manufacturing 

CAN — Controller Area Network 

CAS — Column Address Strobe 

CASE — Computer Aided Software Engineering 

CAST — Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CN) 

CAT Scan — Computed Axial Tomodensitometry Scanner 

CATV — Cable Television 

CB — Citizen Band 

C-BAT — Cost-Benefit Analysis Toolkit 

CBEMA — Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association 

CBR — Constant Bit Rate 

CBRA — Constant Bit-Rate Adapter 

Cc — Cocos (Keeling) Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

CC — Country Code  

CC — ross-Connect 

CC&B — Customer Care Billing  

CCBS — Customer Care & Billing Services  

CCC — Casual Call Center 

CCIR — Comite Consultatif International de Radiodiffusion 

CCIR — Comite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications (ITU) 

CCITT — Comite Consultatif International de Telegraph et des Telecommunications (ITU) 

CCITT — Consultative Committee on International Telegraph and Telephone 

CCL — Continuous Communications Link  

CCMS — Committee on Challenges of Modern Science (NATO) 

CCP — Call Control Processor 

CCS — Common channel signaling 

CCSDS — Consultative Committee on Space Data Systems 

CCTV — Closed Cable Television 

CD — Compact Disk 

CDMA — Code Division Multiple Access 

CDPD — Cellular Digital Packet Data 

CD-I — Compact Disc Interactive 

CD-R — Compact Disc Recordable 

CD-ROM — Compact Disc Read Only Memory 

CDT — Control Data Terminal  

CE — Conformite Europeenne (label for conformity to European Directives) 

CEC — Commission of the European Communities 

CELEX — EC Legislation database in Eurobases databank. 

CEN — European Standardization Organization 

CENELEC — European Electro technical Standardization Organization 

CEN-ISSS — Information Society Standardization System 

CEPT — Conference Europeene des Postes et des Telecommunications 

CEPT — Conference for European Post and Telecommunications 

CERGA — Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Geodynamiques et Astronomiques 

CERIST — Research Center on Scientific and Technical Information (Algeria) 

CERN — A physics research institute in Geneva, Switzerland, birthplace of the WWW 

CERP — Confederation of European Public Relations  

CERT — Telecommunications Research Center (Algeria) 

Cf — Central African Republic Country domain IP abbreviation 

CFS — Common Functional Specifications 

Cg — Congo Country domain IP abbreviation 

CGI — Common Gateway Interface 

CGI — Computer Generation Incorporated 

CGMS — Coordination on Geostationary Meteorological Satellites 

Ch — Switzerland Country domain IP abbreviation 

CHAP — Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol 

Ci — Ivory Coast Country domain IP abbreviation 

CICG — Centre International des Conferences Genève 

CID — Caller Identification  

CIE — Commission Internationale d'Eclairage 

CIM — Computer Integrated Manufacturing 

CIMO — Commission on Instruments and Methods of Observations (WMO) 

CIR — Committed Information Rate 

CIRCOM — Association of regional television channels in Europe 

CIRM — Committee International Radio Maritime 

CISC — Complex Instruction Set Computer 

CISPR — International Special Commitee on Radio Interference 

CITEL — Inter American Telecommunications Commission  

CIW — Certified Internet Webmaster 

Ck — Cook Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

Cl — Chile Country domain IP abbreviation 

CL — Connectionless 

CL — Control Language 

CLID — Calling Line Identification  

CLIP — Calling Line Identification Presentation  

CLIR — Calling Line Identification Restriction  

CLISS — Clinical Laboratory Information System 

CLS — Clear Screen 

Cm — Cameroon Country domain IP abbreviation 

CM — Communications Management 

CMC — Coherent Multi Channel (optical transmission) 

CMIP — Common Management Information Protocol 

CML — Chemical Markup Language 

CMOS — Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor 

CMTT — Joint Study Group for Television and Sound Transmission 

Cn — China Country domain IP abbreviation 

CNAV — Audio visual National Council (Algeria) 

CNC — Computer Numerical Control 

CNE — Certified NetWare Engineer 

CNES — Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (F) 

CNET — Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications (F) 

CNIE — Comision Nacional de Investigaciones Espaciales 

CNR — Carrier-to-noise ratio 

CNRS — Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques (F) 

CO — Central Office 

Co — Colombia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Coax — Coaxial cable 

COBOL — Common Business Oriented Language 

CODATA — Committee on Data for Science and Technology 

Codec — Coder/decoder 

COFDM — Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex 

COMAST — Communications Satellite Corporation (US) 

COMINT — Communication Intelligence  

COMM — Communications  

COMSAT — Communications Satellite Corporation (USA) 

COMTELCA — Technical Commission on Telecommunications for Central America 

COP — Character oriented protocol 

COPUOS — UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 

CORDIS — Community R&D Information Service 

CORF — Commission on Radio Frequencies (NRC-USA) 

COSATI — Committee on Scientific and Technological Information (US) 

COSINE — Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe 

COSPAR — Committee on Space Research 

COSPAS — Russian system of Satellite Search and Rescue 

COST — Cooperation for R&D in Science and Technology 

COST — European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research 

COSTED — Committee on Science and Technology in Developing Countries 

CP — Common Practices 

CPC — Computer Program Component 

CPE — Customer Premises Equipment 

CPEM — Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements 

CPG — Conference Preparatory Group (CEPT) 

CPI — Calling Person Identification 

CPI — Characters Per Inch 

CPM — Conference Preparatory Meeting (ITU) 

CPN — Customer Premises Network 

CPP — Calling Person Pays  

CPS — Characters Per Second 

CPSR — Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility 

CPU — Central Processing Unit 

CPU — Computing and Processing Unit 

CPUBM — Central Processing Unit Benchmark 

Cr — Costa Rica Country domain IP abbreviation 

CRAF — Committee on Radio Astronomical Frequencies (ESF) 

CRC — Cyclic redundancy check 

CREN — Corporation for Research and Educational Networking 

CRIMP — Cross Impact Model 

CRM — Customer Relationship Management 

CROM — Control Read Only Memory 

CRT — Cathode Ray Tube 

CRT — Connexion au Reseau Terrestre (French Switching Equipment) 

CRTC — Canadian Radio-Television and Telecoms Commission 

Cs — Czechoslovakia Country domain IP abbreviation 

CSA — Canadian Space Agency (CDN) 

CSCW — Computer Supported Cooperative Work 

CSDN — Circuit Switched Data Network 

CSE — Certified Systems Engineer 

CSF — Customer Service Function 

CSIRO — Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization 

CSMA/CD — Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection 

CSS — Customer Support System 

CSTG — Commission for International Coordination of Space Techniques for Geodesy and Geodynamics 

CSTO — Computing Systems Technology Office 

CSU — Channel service unit  

CT — Call Transfer  

CT — Cordless Telephone 

CT0 — Analog cordless telephone standard (British) 

CT1 — Analog cordless telephone standard (European) 

CT1+ — Newer version of the European CT1 analog cordless telephone standard  

CT2 — Digital cordless telephone standard (British) 

CT2 — 2nd Generation Cordless Telephone (Telepoint) 

CT2+ — Improved version of the CT2 cordless telephone standard 

CTI — Computer Telephony Integration 

CTM — Cordless terminal mobility 

CTR — Common Technical Regulation (ETSI) 

CTS — Conformance Testing Service 

Cu — Cuba Country domain IP abbreviation 

Cv — Cape Verde Country domain IP abbreviation 

CW — Continuous Wave 

Cx — Christmas Island Country domain IP abbreviation 

Cy — Cyprus Country domain IP abbreviation 

CYBC — Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation 

CYRTA — Authority of Radio\Television of Cyprus 

CYTA — Cyprus Telecommunications Authority 

CYTED — Ciencia y Tecnologia para El Desarrollo 

Cz — Czech Republic Country domain IP abbreviation 

D/A — Digital to analog converter  

DA — Demand Analysis 

DAB — Digital Audio Broadcast 

DAC — Digital to analog converter 

DAL — Data Access Language 

D-AMPS — Digital AMPS 

DARPA — Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 

DASD — Direct Access Storage Device 

DAT — Digital Audio Tape 

DATV — Digitally Assisted TV 

DAW — Digital Audio Workstation 

DAWS — Digital Advanced Wireless System 

dB — Decibels 

DBA — Database Administrator 

DBMS — Database Management System 

DBR — Distributed Bragg Reflector (cavity for lasers) 

DBS — Direct Broadcasting by Satellite 

DBS — Database Server 

DBS — Database System 

DBS — Digital Broadcasting by Satellite 

DCA — Dynamic Channel Assignment 

DCME — Digital Circuit Multiplication Equipment  

DCP — Data Collection Platform  

DCPN — Domestic Customer Premises Network 

DCS1800 — Digital Communication System 

DCT — Discrete Cosine Transform Coding 

DD — DiskDoubler 

DDBS — Distributed Data Base System 

DDD — Direct distance dial network 

De — Germany Country domain IP abbreviation 

DEC — Digital Equipment Corporation 

DEC — ERC DECision (CEPT) 

DECnet — Digital Equipment Corporation's family of network products 

DECT — Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication\Telephone 

DELTA — Developing European Learning through Technological Advance 

DEMUX — Demultiplexing 

DETECON — Deutsche Telepost Consulting GmbH, Germany 

DFB-laser — Distributed Feedback Laser 

DFS — Dynamic Frequency Selection 

DFVLR — Deutsche Forschungs- und Versuchsanstalt für Luft- und Raumfahrt (D) 

DG — Drafting Group 

DG — Directorate General of the European Commission 

DGLR — Deutsche Gesellschaft für Luft- end Raumfahrt (D) 

DGPS — Differential Global Positioning System 

Dibit — Group of two bits 

DIC — Dubai Internet City 

DIF — Data Interchange Format 

DIP — Dual In Line Package (integrated circuits) 

DISC — Disconnect  

Dj — Djibouti Country domain IP abbreviation 

Dk — Denmark Country domain IP abbreviation 

DLMS — Digital Land Mobile System 

DLT — Digital Linear Tape 

Dm — Dominica Country domain IP abbreviation 

DME — Distance Measuring Equipment 

DMI — Desktop Management Interface 

DMO — Direct Mode Operation 

DNA — Digital Narrowband Analysis 

DNA — Digital Network Architecture 

DNS — Domain Name Service 

Do — Dominican Republic Country domain IP abbreviation 

DOS — Disk Operating System 

dpi — Dots per inch 

DPL — Digital Powerline 

DPSK — Differential Phase-Shift Keying 

DQDB — Distributed Queue Dual Bus 

DQPSK — Differential Quadratic Phase-Shift Keying 

DRAM — Dynamic Random Access Memory 

DRIVE — Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle safety in Europe 

DRM — Digital Radio Mondiale 

DRS — Data Relay Satellite 

DRTS — Data Relay and Tracking Satellite 

DRTSS — Data Relay and Tracking Satellite System 

DS — Differentiated Services 

DS — Direct sequence spread spectrum  

DS-1 — Digital signal level 1 telephony rate 

DS-3 — Digital signal level 3 telephony rate 

DSBS — Digital Sound Broadcasting Satellite 

DSI — Detailed Spectrum Investigation (CEPT) 

DSI — Digital Systems Interface 

DSL — Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line  

DSN — Deep Space Network 

DSP — Digital Signal Processor 

DSRR — Digital Short Range Radio 

DSSS — Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum 

DSU — Data service unit ("digital modem")  

DTE — Data terminal Equipment 

DTH — Direct To Home (for satellite TV) 

DTI — Department of Trade and Industry (GB) 

DTMF — Dual tone multi frequency signaling 

DTR — Data Transfer Rate 

DVB — Digital Video Broadcast 

DVB-T — Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcast 

DVI — Digital Video Interactive 

DW — Deutsche Wetterdienst (D) 

DWC — Digital Wireless Communications 

DWDM — Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing 

Dz — Algeria Country domain IP abbreviation 

E/O — Electro-optical Conversion 

EAI — Enterprise Application Integration 

EARSeL — European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories 

EAS — European Astronomical Society 

EAST — European/African Satellite Telecommunications System 

EBA — European Broadcasting Agreement 

EBA — European Broadcasting Area 

EBCDIC — Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code 

EBIT — European Broadband Interconnection Trial 

EBU — European Broadcasting Union 

Ec — Ecuador Country domain IP abbreviation 

EC — European Commission 

EC — European Community 

ECA — European Common Allocation (CEPT) 

ECC — Error Correction Code 

E-CD — Erasable CD 

E-commerce — Electronic Commerce 

ECIP — European Community Investment Partnership 

ECL — Emitter Coupled Logic 

ECMA — European Computer Manufacturers Association 

ECP — European Common Proposal (CEPT) 

ECS — European Communications Satellite 

ECSA — European Computing Software Association 

ECTEL — European Conference of Telecommunications and Electronics Industries 

ECTRA — European Committee for Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs 

ECU — European Currency Unit 

EDGE — Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution 

EDI — Electronic Data Interchange 

EDIF — Electronic Design Interchange Format 

EDRS — European Data Relay Satellite (ESA) 

EDRSS — European Data Relay Satellite System 

Ee — Estonia Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

EEA — European Economic Area 

EEPROM — Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

EES — Earth Exploration Satellite 

EESS — Earth Exploration Satellite Service 

EFF — Electronic Frontier Foundation 

EFT — Electronic Funds Transfer 

EFTA — European Free Trade Association 

EFTPOS — Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale 

Eg — Egypt Country domain IP abbreviation 

EGA — Enhanced Graphic Adapter 

EGC — Enhanced Group Call 

E-GSM — Extended GSM 

EH — Electronic Highways 

Eh — Western Sahara Country domain IP abbreviation 

EHF — Frequency range 3 to 30 GHz 

EIA — Enterprise Application Integration 

EIB — European Investment Bank 

EICTA — European Information and Communication Technology Association 

EIN — Equivalent Input Noise 

EIN — European Informatics Network (predecessor of Euronet) 

EIRP — Effective Isotropic Radiated Power  

EIRP — Effective Isotropic Radiated Power 

EISBPG — European Information Society Best Practices Gallery 

EISCAT — European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association 

EITO — European Information Technology Observatory 

EL-display — Electro-luminescent (display) 

ELF — Extremely Low Frequency (< 3 kHz) 

ELINT — Electronic Intelligence  

EM — Electromagnetic 

E-mail — Electronic mail messages  

EMC — Electromagnetic Compatibility 

EMI — Electromagnetic Interference 

EMR — Electromagnetic Radiation 

EN — European Norm 

ENG — Electronic News Gathering 

ENG/OB — Electronic News Gathering/Outside Broadcasting 

ENS — European Nervous System (CEC proposal for new infrastructure project) 

EOF — End Of File 

EOL — End of Life  

EOS — Earth Observation Satellite 

EOSS — Earth Observation Satellite System 

EPFD — Equivalent Power Flux Density 

EPIC — Electronic Privacy Information Center 

EPIRB — Emergency position-indicating radio beacon 

EPP — European Polar Platform 

EPPA — European Public Paging Association 

EPROM — Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 

ERC — European Radiocommunications Committee (CEPT) 

ERCIM — European Research Consortium on Informatics and Mathematics 

ERD — Emergency Repair Disk 

ERDF — European Regional Development Fund 

ERIC — Educational Resources Information Center 

ERM — Enterprise Resource Management 

ERMES — European Radio Messaging System (Paging) 

ERO — European Radiocommunications Office (CEPT) 

ERP — Effective radiated power 

ERP — Effective Radiated Power (relative to a half-power dipole) 

ERP — Enterprise Resource Planning 

ES — Expert System 

Es — Spain Country domain IP abbreviation 

ESA — European Space Agency 

ESCAP — Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific 

ESCD — Extended System Configuration Data 

ESIS — European Survey of Information Society 

ESF — European Science Foundation 

ESOC — European Space Operation Center 

ESP — EBIT Service Project 

ESPA — European Manufacturers of Personal Wireless Communications Equipment 

ESPRIT — European Strategic Program for R&D in Information Technology 

ESR — EISCAT Svalbard Radar 

ESTEC — European Space Research and Technology Center 

ET — Egypt Telecom Company 

Et — Ethiopia Country domain IP abbreviation 

ET — Exchange termination 

E-TDMA — Extended Time Division Multiple Access 

Ethernet — LAN standard 

ETISALAT — Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, UAE 

ETL — Extraction, Transformation, Loading 

ETNO — European Public Telecommunications Network Operators' Association 

ETO — European Telecommunication Office 

ETS — European Telecommunication Standard 

ETSI — European Telecommunications Standard Institute 

EU — European Union 

EUMETSAT — European Meteorological Satellite Organisation 

EUREKA — Industrial Cooperation scheme in high technology 

EUREKA-95 — European Research Project on HDTV 

EURESCOM — European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in telecommunications 

Euro ISDN — Eurofile transfer standard for ISDN 

EUTELSAT — European Telecommunications Satellite Organization  

EUVL — Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography 

EVA — Extra Vehicular Activity 

EVN — European VLBI Network 

EVUA — European Virtual User Association

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