Education system fails Jordan: No students from 50 schools pass summer secondary exams

Published July 30th, 2015 - 10:59 GMT

No student at 50 out of 75 schools in the Northeastern Badia District passed the General Secondary Education Examination’s (Tawjihi) summer session this year, the district’s education director, Riyad Shdeifat, said Wednesday.

Shdeifat blamed the failure on the lack of education cadres and qualified personnel, as well as the absence of some students who did not sit for the exam, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

A total of 49,972 students sat for the Tawjihi academic stream this summer around the Kingdom, of whom 20,521 students passed, marking a pass rate of 41.1 percent, Education Minister Mohammad Thneibat said Tuesday.

The Northeastern Badia education directorate seeks to analyze the results to address the root causes, Shdeifat said, noting that 1,700 students from the district sat for the exam.

In the Northwestern Badia education district, no student passed in 19 out of the total 59 schools, according to Education Director Sayel Khreisha.

A total of 1,871 students from the district sat for the Tawjihi summer session, Khreisha highlighted, also blaming the failure of so many students on unqualified teachers, students’ absences and their dependence on cheating. 

As for the Southern Ghor District, all students in nine out of a total of 18 schools failed the Tawjihi, according to the district’s education director Salim Hijazi.

He said no more than four students sat for the exam, sometimes just one, in the schools where all students failed, noting that 348 students in total sat for Tawjihi, only 28 of whom passed.

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