Planning Eid Travels? These Countries Are Open to the Vaccinated and the COVID-Free

Published May 6th, 2021 - 06:00 GMT
travel during eid
Travel is relatively easier for people who have been fully vaccinated. (Shutterstock: aanbetta)

For the third Eid in the time of coronavirus, many people are wondering if they can finally travel for the holiday. In this article, we will explore the countries that have eased travel restrictions for those who are either vaccinated or can prove that they are free of the virus.

While some parts of the world are reporting spiking numbers of infections amid fears of a new wave of COVID-19, other spots in the world seem to be doing a better job controlling the spread of the virus, encouraging more individuals to consider travel plans.

Thanks to vaccination programs that have significantly curbed the number of severe infections in the countries where millions of people have been fully vaccinated, travel plans have become quite realistic this Eid holiday.

1. Greece

Greece tourism

After six months of lockdown, Greece is finally reopening restaurants, cafes, and public spaces this week, hoping for a great summer season in terms of tourism.

Until further notice, sites in different cities will be open for tourists as quarantine requirements have been lifted. However, travelers will need to take PCR tests 72 hours before arriving and present negative results at arrival, so they can enjoy their vacation.

Travelers with English-vaccine documents from a number of countries including the UAE will be allowed entry without the need for PCR results.

Tourists will still have to adhere to social distancing rules including face masks.

2. Seychelles

sychelles tourism

The 115 islands of Seychelles will be welcoming tourists this Eid as long as they can provide negative PCR test results that were conducted during the last 72 hours before arrival.

However, wearing a face mask is still required in most of the places you will visit.

Travelers from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil, and South Africa are not allowed entry for the time being.

3. UAE

UAE tourism

The UAE has also been welcoming tourists from most countries around the world with a few exceptions, such as India, where the new variant of COVID-19 has infected millions of people.

Visiting the UAE to enjoy its desert and hustling cities is easy for visitors as long as they can either show a vaccine certificate or a negative PCR test that was done 72 hours earlier.

Face masks are still mandatory across the seven emirates.

4. Lebanon

Lebanon tourism

Visiting Lebanon is now conditioned by a negative PCR test upon arrival. The country with great Mediterranean views and warm spring weather now welcomes tourists who wish to visit the country.

Wearing face masks is still part of the rules required by the Lebanese government to ensure the safety of travelers.

Travelers who have been in India or Brazil over the last 14 days are not allowed entry to the country.

5. Egypt

Egypt tourism

Wishing to visit the pyramids of Giza for Eid? You only need to have a negative PCR test that has been conducted at least 72 hours prior to arrival.

Travelers are advised to avoid crowded spots and adhere to social distancing and wearing the face mask while in public spaces.

6. Jordan

jordan tourism

If you wish to enjoy visiting another country with numerous touristic destinations and warm weather, you can choose to visit Jordan.

Besides having to obtain a negative PCR result at least 120 hours prior to arrival, travelers are also required to undergo another test in the Amman airport before entering the country.

Face masks are mandatory everywhere and the country continues to impose a night curfew between 7 pm and 6 am every day.

Non-Jordanian travelers coming from India or ones who have visited India during the last 14 days will not be allowed entry to Jordan for the time being.

Which of these countries are you most likely to visit during Eid? Do you plan on traveling to other parts of the world in 2021?

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