Erdogan claims Turkish economy safe in state of emergency

Published August 3rd, 2016 - 08:00 GMT
Erdogan urged investors not to be concerned about Turkey's economy. (AFP/File)
Erdogan urged investors not to be concerned about Turkey's economy. (AFP/File)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday assured international investors that his country is stable after a three-month state of emergency was declared following the July 15 failed coup.

Speaking to representatives of global companies in Ankara at the presidential complex, Erdogan said: "I speak to international investors, don't be concerned about Turkey, this country is safe and secure."

"We never take any steps to hurt or to harm investors. I personally prevent this," Erdogan said. "There are no interventions in the economy because of the state emergency."

Praising international investment in his country, Erdogan said global investors "know Turkey is one of the most trustable countries in the world."

Foreign investors have poured more than $150 billion into Turkey since 2003, including over $16 billion last year, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Economy.

Erdogan said Turkey aims to have a gross national product of $2 trillion, per capita income of $25,000 and $500 billion in exports by 2023.

"All doors will be open to every investor, Turkey has big aims and potentials to reach [its] aims," Erdogan said.

"Turkey has had a lot of problems but [it] has never forgotten its real targets. We did not stop building roads, airports, bridges," he added.

The suspensions of at least 62,000 state employees from their duties, as part of a nation-wide purge, has not affected human resources in Turkey, Erdogan said.

"We need to make sure our justice system [gets rid] of people who [do] not function properly... I still [have] a lot to do. We are entering [a] normalization process," Erdogan said.

Erdogan said Turkey would not suffer economically as a result of the coup attempt and that his government would "never stop" implementing reforms and working for the economy.

"We [will] never take [any] steps back," he said. Erdogan urged investors to inform his government if they experience any hurdles related to legislations to receive help and eliminate problems.

"Not enough support"

The president voiced disappointment towards Turkey’s allies for not showing enough support to his country during the coup attempt, which claimed more than 230 lives and injured nearly 2,200 people.

"Let me say frankly that we have not received the expected support [by] our friends, our alliances during or after [the] failed coup attempt," said Erdogan, who narrowly escaped a potential assassination during the night of the deadly putsch.

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