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FAA — Federal Aviation Administration (USA) 

FAGS — Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Services 

FAIR — Fibreoptics Association for International Research 

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions 

FARNET — Federation of American Research Networks 

FAST — Federation Against Software Theft 

FAST — Fundamental Astronomy by Space Techniques Consortium 

Fax — Facsimile communications terminal  

FB — Base station (in a mobile radio system) 

FBW — Fractional Bandwidth 

FC — Functional Component 

FCC — Federal Communications Commission (USA) 

FDD — Floppy Disk Drive 

FDD — Frequency Division Duplex 

FDDI — Fiber Data Distributed Interface 

FDM — Frequency division multiplexing 

FDMA — Frequency Division Multiple Access  

FDX — Full duplex 

FEC — Forward Error Correction 

FET — Field effect transistor 

FFD — Flicker Free Display 

FG — Focus Group 

FGF — Forschungsgemeinschaft Funk 

FH — Frequency hopping 

FHSS — Frequency hopping spread spectrum 

Fi — Finland Country domain IP abbreviation 

FIB — Focused Ion Beam 

FIFO — First in, first out memory 

FIR — Digital finite impulse response 

Fj — Fiji Country domain IP abbreviation 

Fk — Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Country domain IP abbreviation 

FLA — Feeder Link Antennas 

FLAG — Fiberoptic Link Around the Globe 

FLOPS — Floating Point Operations Per Second 

FM — (Working Group) Frequency Management (ERC) 

FM — Frequency Modulation 

Fm — Micronesia Country domain IP abbreviation 

FMCS — Frequency Management Sub-Committee (NATO) 

Fo — Faroe Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

FO — Fiber Optics 

FOCUS — Federation on Computing in the United States 

FOG — Fibre Optics Gulf Cable 

FOIRL — Fiber Optic Inter-Repeater Link 

FORTRAN — Formula Translation/Translator 

FP — Framework Program 

FPD — Flat Panel Display 

FPGA — Field Programmable Gate Array 

FPLMTS — Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System (see UMTS) 

FPS — Frames Per Second 

Fr — France Country domain IP abbreviation 

FRAM — Ferroelectric Random Access Memory 

FRM — Functional Reference Model 

FS — Fixed Service 

FSF — Free Software Foundation 

FSK — Frequency-Shift Keying 

FSS — Fixed Satellite Services  

FSU — Fixed Subscriber Unit  

FT — France Telecom (F) 

FTP — File Transfer Protocol 

FTTC — Fiber to the Curb 

FTTH — Fibre to the Home 

FWA — Fixed Wireless Access 

FX — Fixed Service  

Fx — France (European Ter.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

G/T — Ratio of gain to noise temperature 

G2B — Government to business 

G2C — Government to citizens 

G2G — Government to government 

G7 — Group of 7 most developed industrial countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, United States 

G8 — Group of 8 leading industrialized nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, United States 

Ga — Gabon Country domain IP abbreviation 

GaAs — Gallium arsenide 

GAP — Groupe Analyses et previsions 

GATS — General Agreement on Trade in Services 

GATT — General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 

GB — Gigabyte 

Gb — Great Britain Country domain IP abbreviation 

GBD — Global Business Dialogue 

GBDe — Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce 

GBS — Geographical Band Segmentation 

GCC — Gulf Cooperation Council 

GCI — General Communication Interface 

Gd — Grenada Country domain IP abbreviation 

GDMO — Guidelines for Definitions of Managed Objects 

GDP — Gross Domestic Product 

Ge — Georgia Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

GE — Gigabit Ethernet 

GEMS — Global Environment Monitoring Systems 

GEO — Geostationary Earth Orbit (satellite)  

GES — Ground Earth Station 

Gf — Guyana (Fr.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

GFSK — Gaussian Frequency-Shift Keying modulation 

GGSN — Gateway GPRS support node  

Gh — Ghana Country domain IP abbreviation 

GHz — Gigahertz 

Gi — Gibraltar Country domain IP abbreviation 

GIC — Gulf Investment Corporation, Kuwait 

GIF — Graphics Interchange Format 

Gl — Greenland Country domain IP abbreviation 

GII — Global Information Infrastructure 

GIP — Global Inventory Project 

GLONASS — GLobal NAvigation Satellite System (Russia) 

Gm — Gambia Country domain IP abbreviation 

GMDSS — Global Maritime Distress and Safety System 

GMPCS — Global Mobile Personal Communications via Satellite  

GMSK — Gaussian-filtered Minimum-Shift Keying 

Gn — Guinea Country domain IP abbreviation 

GNP — Gross National Product 

GNSS — Global Navigation Satellite System 

GOES — Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 

Gp — Guadeloupe (Fr.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

GPRS — General Packet Radio Service  

GPS — Global Positioning System  

GPTC — General Post & Telecommunications Company, Libya  

Gq — Equatorial Guinea Country domain IP abbreviation 

Gr — Greece Country domain IP abbreviation 

GRGS — Groupe de Recherches de Geodesie Spatiale (F) 

GSLB — Groupe special large bande (CEPT group on broadband telecommunications) 

GSM — Global System for Mobile Communications (Groupe Special Mobile) 

GSM-900 — Groupe Special Mobiles (European GSM) 

GSO — Geostationary Satellite Orbit 

Gt — Guatemala Country domain IP abbreviation 

GTO — Geostationary Transfer Orbit  

GTO — General Telecommunications Organization 

GTW — Global Trading Web 

Gu — Guam (US) Country domain IP abbreviation 

GUI — Graphical User Interface (Goo-ee) 

GVLS — Global Verification and Location System 

Gw — Guinea Bissau Country domain IP abbreviation 

Gy — Guyana Country domain IP abbreviation 

HAPS — High Altitude Platform Station 

HCT — Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE) 

HDD — Hard Disk Drive 

HDDV — High Definition Digital Video 

HDFS — High Density Fixed Service 

HDFSS — High Density Fixed-Satellite Service 

HDLC — High Level Data Link Control 

HD-MAC — High Definition MAC (see MAC) 

HDML — Handheld Device Markup Language  

HDSL — High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line 

HDTP — Hoofddirectie Telecommunicatie en Post van het Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat (NL) 

HDTV — High definition television 

HDWDM — High Density Wavelength Division Multiplex 

HDX — Half duplex  

HEO — Highly inclined Elliptical Orbit 

HF — High Frequency (frequency range 3 to 30 MHz) 

HFBC — High Frequency Broadcasting 

HIPERLAN — High Performance Local Area Network 

HIS — Hospital Information System 

Hk — Hong Kong Country domain IP abbreviation 

HLC — High Level Commitee (ITU) 

HLL — High Level Language 

HLR — Home Location Regulator 

Hm — Heard And McDonald Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

Hn — Honduras Country domain IP abbreviation 

HNS — Hughes Network Systems  

HP — Hewlett Packard 

HPC — High performance computing 

Hr — Coroatia Ex-Yugoslavia Country domain IP abbreviation 

HSCI — Hughes Space & Communications International, Inc, USA 

HSCSD — High Speed Circuit Switched Data 

HSD — Home Satellite Dish 

HSR — Horizontal Scan Rate 

Ht — Haiti Country domain IP abbreviation 

HTML — Hypertext Markup Language 

HTTP — Hypertext Transport Protocol 

Hu — Hungary Country domain IP abbreviation 

HW — Hardware 

Hz — Hertz 

I/O — Input/Output 

IAA — International Academy of Astronautics 

IAB — Internet Advertising Bureau 

IAF — International Astronautical Federation 

IAG — International Association of Geodesy 

IAGA — International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy 

IAGC — International Association of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry 

IAM — Itissalat Al Maghrib, Morocco 

IAMAP — International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 

IATA — International Air Transport Agency 

IAU — International Astronomical Union 

IBC — Integrated Broadband Communications 

IBCN — Integrated Broadband Communication 

IBCN — Integrated Broadband Communications Network 

IBM — International Business Machines 

IBN — Integrated Broadband Network 

IBS — INTELSAT Business Service 

IBW — Instantaneous Bandwidth 

IC — Integrated Circuit 

ICANN — Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 

ICAO — International Civil Aviation Organization 

ICAS — International Council of the Aeronatical Sciences 

ICC — International Chambers of Commerce 

ICCP — Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals 

ICO — Intermediate Circular Orbit 

ICQ — I Seek You 

ICR — Intelligent Character Recognition 

ICS — Incoming Call Services  

ICSTI — International Council for Scientific and Technical Information 

ICSU — International Council of Scientific Unions 

ICT — Information and Communication Technology 

Id — Indonesia Country domain IP abbreviation 

IDA — Interchange of Data between Administrations 

IDB — Islamic Development Bank 

IDC — International Data Corporation 

IDE — Integrated Drive Electronics 

IDEIS — International Dialogue and Information Exchange for the Development of a Global Information Society 

IDEN — Integrated Digital Enhanced Network 

IDR — Intermediate Data Rate 

Ie — Ireland Country domain IP abbreviation 

IEC — International Electrotechnical Commission 

IEE — Institution of Electrical Engineers 

IEEE — Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 

IF — Intermediate frequency 

IFL — International Frequency List 

IFRB — International Frequency Registration Board (ITU-R) 

IFRC — International Frequency Registration Circular (ITU-R) 

IHS — In-house System 

IHV — Independent Hardware Vendor 

IIASA — International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis 

IIS — Internet Information Server 

IISL — International Institute of Space Law 

Il — Israel Country domain IP abbreviation 

ILPF — Internet Law and Policy Forum 

ILS — Instrument Landing System 

ILS — Integrated Learning System 

IMASS — Intelligent Multiple Access Spectrum Sharing 

IMO — International Maritime Organization 

IMT — International Mobile Telecommunications  

IMT-2000 — International Mobile Telecommunication System 

IN — Impulse noise 

In — India Country domain IP abbreviation 

IN — Intelligent Network  

InfoDev — Information for Development (World Bank) 

INFOSEC — Information Security 

INMARSAT — INternational MAritime SATellite organization 

INMARSAT — International Mobile Communications Satellite Organization 

INPE — Instituto de Psequisas Espaciais 

INRIA — Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (France) 

INS — In band signaling 

INS — Intelligent Network Services  

INSU — Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers (F) 

INTA — Instituto Nacional de Tècnica Aerospacial 

INTELSAT — International Telecommunications Satellite Organization 

Int'l — International 

Io — British Indian Ocean Territory Country domain IP abbreviation 

IOL — Inter Orbit Link  

ION — Integrated Optical Network 

IOTP — Internet Open Trading Protocol 

IP — Internet Protocol 

IPB — Internet Portal Base 

IPI — Intelligent Periphal Interface 

IPL — Initial Program Load 

IPR — Intellectual Property Rights 

IPP — Internet Presence Provider 

IPX — Internetwork Packet Exchange 

Iq — Iraq Country domain IP abbreviation 

IR — Infrared 

Ir — Iran Country domain IP abbreviation 

IRAM — Institut de Radio Astronomie Millimetrique 

IRC — International Record Carrier 

IRC — Internet Relay Chat 

IrDA — Infrared Data Association 

IRIDIUM — Satellite Mobile Communication System for sparsely populated areas 

IRL — Industrial Robot Language 

IRT — Institut für Rundfunktechnik (D) 

IRT — Integrated Rural Telematics 

IRTA — Integrated Regional Telematics Architecture 

Is — Iceland Country domain IP abbreviation 

IS — Information Security 

IS — Information Society 

IS-136 — Digital cellular standard proposed for North America (TDMA) 

IS-54 — Early version of the IS-136 digital cellular telephone standard 

ISAC — Information Society Activity Center 

ISAPI — Internet Server Application Program Interface 

ISAR — Inverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar 

ISAS — Institute of Space and Astronautical Science 

ISDN — Integrated Services Digital Network 

ISE — Integrated Service Engineering 

ISIS — Information Society Initiative in Standardization 

ISL — Inter-Satellite Link 

ISM — Industrial, Scientific, Medical 

ISM-bands — North American "industrial, scientific, and medical" bands  

ISO — International Standard of operation 

ISO — International Standards Organization  

ISP — Internet Service Providers 

ISPO — Information Society Promotion Office (EC) 

ISR — Incoherent Scatter Radar 

ISRO — Indian Space Research Organization 

ISS — Inter-Satellite Service 

IST — Information Society Technologies program 

ISV — Independent Software 

ISV — Independent Solution Vendors 

IT — Information Technology 

It — Italy Country domain IP abbreviation 

IT&T — Information Technologies & Telecommunications 

ITA — Industrial Telecommunication Association (USA) 

ITFS — Instructional Television Fixed Service 

ITN — Independent Telecommunications Network  

ITT&B — Information Technologies, Telecommunications & Broadcasting 

ITU — International Telecommunications Union (successor to CCITT) 

ITU-D — International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Development Sector 

ITU-R — International Telecommunication Union - Radiocommunication Sector 

ITU-T — International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector 

ITWG — International TOVS Working Group 

IUCAF — Scientific Committee on the Allocation of Frequencies for Radio Astronomy and Space Science (UNESCO) 

IUGG — International Union for Geodesy and Geophysics 

IUT — International Union of Telecommunications 

IVDS — Interactive Video Data Service  

IVR — Interactive Voice Response 

IVS — International VLBI Satellite 

IWG — Intersessional working group (of the SFCG) 

IWP — Interim Working Party (ITU-R) 

IWU — Inter-Working Unit 

IZMIRAN — Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Radio Research and the Ionosphere (Russia) 

JCL — Job Control Language 

JCMT — James Clark Maxwell Telescope 

JEM — Japanese Experiment Module 

JET — Joint European Torus 

JEWM — Joint Expert Working Meeting 

JHTML — Java within Hypertext Markup Language 

JIVE — Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe 

JIWP — Joint Interim Working Party 

Jm — Jamaica Country domain IP abbreviation 

Jo — Jordan Country domain IP abbreviation 

Jp — Japan Country domain IP abbreviation 

JPEG Sill Pictures Expert Ggroups 

JPL — Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

JPOP — Japanese Polar Platform 

JSS — Joint Surveillance System 

JTC — Jordan Telecommunications Company 

JTIDS — Joint Tactical Information Distribution System 

JSAT — Japan Satellite System 

KB — Kilobyte 

Kbps — Kilobytes per second 

KBS — Knowledge-Based System 

Ke — Kenya Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kg — Kirgistan Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kh — Cambodia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Ki — Kiribati Country domain IP abbreviation 

Km — Comoros Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kn — Saint Kitts And Nevis Anguilla Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kp — Korea (North) Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kr — Korea (South) Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kw — Kuwait Country domain IP abbreviation 

Ky — Cayman Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

Kz — Kazachstan Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

La — Laos Country domain IP abbreviation 

LAN — Local Area Network 

LAPB & LAPD — Link Access Protocol Balanced & D Channel 

LAPM — Link Access Procedure for Modems 

LATA — Local Access and Transport Area 

Lb — Lebanon Country domain IP abbreviation 

Lc — Saint Lucia Country domain IP abbreviation 

LCD — Liquid Crystal Display Panel 

LCO — Local central office 

LD — Long Distance  

LEC — Local Exchange Carrier 

LED — Light Emitting Diode 

LEO — Low Earth Orbit (satellite) 

LF — Low Frequency (30 to 300 kHz) 

LHC — Left Hand Circular 

Li — Liechtenstein Country domain IP abbreviation 

LIPS — Logical Inferences Per Second 

Lk — Sri Lanka Country domain IP abbreviation 

LM — Land Mobile Service 

LMDS — Local Multipoint Distribution Services 

LMS — Land Mobile Service 

LMSC — LAN/MAN Standards Committee  

LMSS — Land Mobile-Satellite Service 

LMST — Light-Weight Multi-Band Satellite Terminal 

LOC — Lines Of Code 

LOS — Line of sight 

LP — Line protocol 

LPD — Low Power Device 

LPT — Line Print Terminal 

LPTV — Low Power Television Service 

LQ — Letter Quality Printing 

Lr — Liberia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Ls — Lesotho Country domain IP abbreviation 

LSI — Large Scale Integration 

LSM — Limited size messaging 

LT — Line termination 

Lt — Lithuania Ex-USSR Country domain IP abbreviation 

Lu — Luxembourg Country domain IP abbreviation 

Lv — Latvia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Ly — Libya Country domain IP abbreviation 

MA — Medium Adaptor 

Ma — Morocco Country domain IP abbreviation 

MAC — Media Access Control 

MAC — Standards Multiplex of Analogue Components 

MAN — Metropolitan Area Network 

MAP — Manufacturing Automation Protocol 

MAS — Meteorological Aids Service 

MAS — Multiple Address System 

MAT — Mobile Aeronautical Telemetry 

MATV — Master Antenna Television system 

MAU — Media access unit 

MAU — Media access unit and multi station access unit 

Mb — Megabit (1 million bits) 

MB — Megabyte (1 million bytes) 

MBPS — Megabytes Per Second 

MBR — Master Boot Record Information 

MBS — Mobile Base Station 

MBS — Mobile Broadband System 

MC — Machine Code 

Mc — Monaco Country domain IP abbreviation 

MC — Monte Carlo (methodology) 

MCA — Micro Channel Architecture 

MCAD — Mechanical Computer Aided Design 

MCI — Media Control Interface 

MCPR — Multimedia Communication, Processing and Representation 

MCU — Multipoint Control Unit 

Md — Moldavia Country domain IP abbreviation 

MDI — Multiple Document Interface 

MDNS — Managed Data Network Services 

MDS — Multipoint Distribution Service 

MEBF — Mercosur-EU Business Forum  

MEDINVEST — Investment Program for the Mediterranean Area 

MEO — Medium Earth Orbit (satellite) 

MEO — Mid Earth orbit 

MERCOSUR — Mercado Comْn del Sur / Southern Common Market 

MERLIN — Multi-Element Radio Linked INterferometer (GB) 

MES — Mobile Earth Station 

MetA — Meteorological Aid Service 

MetS — Meteorological-Satellite Service 

METSAT — Meteorological Satellite 

MExE — Mobile Execution Environment 

MF — Medium Frequency (300 to 3000 kHz) 

Mg — Madagascar Country domain IP abbreviation 

Mh — Marshall Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

MHS — Message Handling System 

MIB — Management Information Base 

MICR — Magnetic Ink Character Recognition 

MIDI — Musical Instrument Digital Interface 

MIDS — Multifunctional Information Distribution System 

MIFR — Master International Frequency Register 

MIMD — Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data 

MIPS — Millions of Instructions Per Second 

MIS — Management Information Systems 

MIT — Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) 

MJPEG — Multi Joint Photography Experts Group 

Ml — Mali Country domain IP abbreviation 

ML — Mobile station (in a mobile radio system) 

MLS — Microwave Landing System 

MM — Multimedia 

MM — Maritime Mobile Service 

Mm — Myanmar Country domain IP abbreviation 

MMARC — Maritime Mobile Radio Conference 

MMCD — Multimedia Compact Disc 

MMDS — Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service 

MMI — Man Machine Interface 

MMS — Maritime Mobile Service 

MMSS — Maritime Mobile-Satellite Service 

MMU — Memory Management Unit 

Mn — Mongolia Country domain IP abbreviation 

MNP — Micron Network Protocol 

Mo — Macau Country domain IP abbreviation 

MOB — Mobile (use in the designation of certain WARCs) 

MOCVD — Metallo-organic Chemical Vapor Deposition 

Modem — Modulator demodulator 

MoU — Memorandum of Understanding 

Mp — Northern Mariana Islands Country domain IP abbreviation 

MP3 — MPEG 1 Audio Layer 3 

MPEG — Motion Picture Experts Group  

MPLS — Multiprotocol Label Switching 

MPT — Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications  

MPT1233 — Analog cordless standard (British)  

Mq — Martinique (Fr.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

Mr — Mauritania Country domain IP abbreviation 

MRC — Milestone Review Commitee (CEPT) 

MRN — Maritime Radionavigation Service 

MRNS — Maritime Radionavigation Service 

MRNSS — Maritime Radionavigation-Satellite Service 

MS — Mobile Service 

MS — Mobile Station 

Ms — Montserrat Country domain IP abbreviation 

MS — Member States of the European Union 

MSA — Meteor Scatter Applications 

MSC — Mobile switching center 

MSO — Multiple Service Operator 

MSS — Mixed Dignal semiconductors 

MSS — Mobile Satellite Services 

MST — Multi-Service Terminal 

Mt — Malta Country domain IP abbreviation 

MT — Mobile Termination 

MTA — Major Trading Area 

MTC — Mobile Telecommunications Company Kuwait 

MTIC — Al Murjan Trading and Industrial Company, Saudi Arabia  

MTM — Mobile to Mobile  

MTSO — Mobile public telephone switching office 

MTU — Maximum Transmission Unit 

Mu — Mauritius Country domain IP abbreviation 

MUD — Multi User Dimension 

MUSE — Multiple Sub-Nyquist Encoding 

MUX — Multiplexing  

Mv — Maldives Country domain IP abbreviation 

MVDS — Microwave Video Distribution System 

MVS — Multiple Virtual Storage 

Mw — Malawi Country domain IP abbreviation 

MWS — Multimedia Wireless Systems 

Mx — Mexico Country domain IP abbreviation 

My — Malaysia Country domain IP abbreviation 

Mz — Mozambique Country domain IP abbreviation 

Na — Namibia Country domain IP abbreviation 

NA — Network Adaptor 

NACE — North American Cable Equipment  

NAIC — National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (USA) 

NAM — Number Assignment Module 

NAMPS — Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service 

NARFA — National Allied Radio Frequency Agency 

NAS — National Academy of Sciences (USA) 

NAS — Network Attached Storage 

NASA — National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA) 

NASDA — National Space Development Agency of Japan 

NATO — North Atlantic Treaty Organization 


NC — Network Computer 

Nc — New Caledonia (Fr.) Country domain IP abbreviation 

NC — Norton Commander 

NCSA — National Center for Supercomputing Applications 

NDIS — Network Driver Interface Specificaton 

Ne — Niger Country domain IP abbreviation 

NESS — National Environment Satellite Service (of NOAA) 

NEST — Nuclear Emergency Search Team (USA) 

Netiquette — Network + etiquette 

Nf — Norfolk Island Country domain IP abbreviation 

NFRA — Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy (NL) 

NFS — Network File System 

Ng — Nigeria Country domain IP abbreviation 

NGO — Non Governmental Organization 

NGSO — Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit 

NHK — Nippon Hoso Kyokai (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation) 

Ni — Nicaragua Country domain IP abbreviation 

NIC — Network interface controller 

NII — National Information Infrastructure (US) 

NIP — Non Impact Printer 

N-ISDN — Narrowband ISDN (conventional ISDN) 

NIS — New Independent States 

NISC — Commission Network of Information Society Correspondents 

NISO — National Information Standards Organization 

NIST — National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) 

NIVR — Nederlands Instituut voor Vliegtuigontwikkeling en Ruimtevaart (NL) 

NJFA — NATO Joint Civil/Military Frequency Agreement 

Nl — Netherlands Country domain IP abbreviation 

NMR — Network Meter Reading 

NMR — Scanner Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Scanner 

NMS — Network management system 

NMT — Nordic Mobile Telephone 

NMTC — National Mobile Telecommunications Co. 

NNI — Network Node Interface 

NNI — Network to network interface 

NNSS — Navy Navigational Satellite System (USA) 

NNTP — Network News Transfer Protocol 

No — Norway Country domain IP abbreviation 

NOAA — National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (USA) 

NOC — Network Operation Center 

NOS — Network operating system 

Np — Nepal Country domain IP abbreviation 

NPTN — National Public Telecomputing Network 

Nr — Nauru Country domain IP abbreviation 

NRAL — Nuffield Radio Astronomy Laboratories (GB) 

NRAO — National Radio Astronomy Observatory (USA) 

NRC — National Research Council (USA) 

NSA — National Security Agency 

NSC — Network Service Center 

NSF — National Science Foundation 

NT — Network Termination 

Nt — Neutral Zone Country domain IP abbreviation 

NTA — New Transatlantic Agenda 

NTIA — National Telecommunications and Information Administration (USA) 

NTP — Network Time Protocol 

NTS — National Telephone Services (Oman) 

NTSC — National Television Standards Committee 

NTT — Japan's Nippon Telephone and Telegraph Company 

Nu — Niue Country domain IP abbreviation 

NV/NG — Non-voice/Non-geostationary 

NWS — National Weather Service (USA) 

Nz — New Zealand Country domain IP abbreviation 

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