Few Pointers on How You Can Build Your Job Security

Published May 8th, 2018 - 01:00 GMT
Even if you have an unlimited job contract, the economic changes might cause your position or your entire company to disappear within days. (Shutterstock)
Even if you have an unlimited job contract, the economic changes might cause your position or your entire company to disappear within days. (Shutterstock)

Gone are the days of having the same job for years. The job market and the professional world develop and grow further on a daily basis. The days where our parents had the same position for years have vanished.

Today, even if you have an unlimited job contract, the economic changes might cause your position or your entire company to disappear within days.

So, how do you secure your job?

No employer can guarantee a lifetime job anymore, neither public nor private employers do.  The secret to keep in mind is that we create and build our own job security. What actually matters now a days is YOU more than the job; how you can further improve the job and make it more valuable with your own skills set and qualifications. Companies and employers will always find a replacement if your services are not up to standards anymore. But if you give a massive value to the organization; there will be no motivation to replace you as you are perceived as indispensable.

Standing out from the crowd will guarantee your peace of mind. Be clever, be reliable, be energized and excited, be eager to learn and strive to be the star in whatever you do. Here are a few pointers on how you can build your job security and make yourself a truly valuable employee:

Create relationships

Build positive meaningful connections with supervisors, team member and clients. Build your reputation as a team builder or as an individual who puts team goals and interests above his own. To be successful, your contribution to the team must be more than their expectations.

Be a source of encouragement and motivation

As you start getting your hands on the work and gain some experience, build a reputation as a source of information and help to your colleagues and others. Be the person everyone comes to for solutions, advice and coaching. Set standards for your work, work by the deadlines you have promised and give more than what you have committed for. Let others perceive you as a mentor.

Make a difference

Choose roles that make a considerable difference to the organization, even if you volunteer to do so. The value you give to your business must be measureable either in revenue, costs to the company or in numbers and figures. This is when your creativity comes in: when there is a situation that does not have a well-defined answer and you create what is needed. At the same time, always measure and track what you work on so you can easily quantify and prove your added value.

Monopolize a specialization or a skill

“If you can, be first. If you can’t be first, create a new category in which you can be first.”- Al Ries and Jack Trout, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Look at the people around you, at your role model or the person who is holding the position of your dreams. What does that person have or hold that you do not own? How are they different? What did they do to reach there? Get out, work on yourself and get the skills you need to go up your career ladder. Make your skills indispensable and unique by filling in the gaps that exist at your company and providing the expertise that’s critically needed. You might obtain a certificate that no one in your organization has, and the skills you learn will do a significant change in the organization.

Do the extra work

Going an extra mile or two will always be on your side, even if it requires you to work a bit more than others. Take that action that nobody else wants. Managers appreciate hard workers who contribute their time and effort towards the company’s success. Help your employer in achieving their goals, and brainstorm ways that could save time and money for the company.

Take the lead

Whenever needed, be a leader. At the same time, know when to be a follower and when to be a leader. Analyze the situation you are in. Be the one who helps when a team member is going through a hard time at work.

Challenge yourself

When challenges at your workplace present themselves, step up and face them. You’ll become a more valuable employee when you take the challenges and turn them into easy tasks. Ask for help whenever needed, you’ll always have a helping hand.

The secret ingredient to success and job security is to be the exceptional individual who gives in all the knowledge they can to create outstanding results to their employer and the team. Any skills and qualifications you will build up and gain will be yours forever; it doesn’t have to do with the employer you are currently working for nor your future employer. Always keep up your skills fresh and up-to-date as qualifications change all the time.

“Everybody wants to be a winner, but only a few are willing to spend the time and energy to become one, and that separates a winner from all the rest.”

By Haneen Kawar

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