First independent economic paper appears in Syria

Published June 25th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The first Syrian economic journal not under state control was due out Sunday, June 24. In its first issue, the weekly al-Iqtissadiya says that it wants to "take part in the economic overhaul prioritized by President Bashar al-Assad." 


The weekly will publish wide-ranging and bold articles of interest to the wide body of Syrians," according to editor-in-chief Waddah Abed Rabo. 


The paper will detail Syrian government salary reform plans and report on plans to hike the minimum wage to $360 per month. The average wage for a civil servant is currently below $100. 


Since the first of the year, Syria has introduced four newspapers independent of the government and ruling Baath party: two communist, one Nasserist and one satirical newspaper. 


However, the satirical newspaper was censored for the first time last week, due to articles about leading Syrian government figures. ― (AFP, Damascus) 


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