The Five Pillars of World Class Success

Published July 9th, 2018 - 08:33 GMT
Achieve true success with these 5 powers. (Shutterstock)
Achieve true success with these 5 powers. (Shutterstock)

Robert Benninga, Founder of Mind Power International, highlights 5 powers hat will help you achieve true success.

1. Status Power

Here the main focus lies on titles, functions, money, car, resume, in brief: 'the name and fame' of the person involved. With a carefully, well build-up status you are worth your name in gold. Be aware of how much ego-aspects can be involved in status and if the status is indeed well deserved?!

2. Network and Relationships Power

'Who do you know?' All things being equal, 'the deal' will always go to people who have a fine relationship where at the end, respect (for each other and yourself) and mutual benefit (win-win) are the prime focus. Listen well, have patience and be sincerely interested in the other. The right connection is the key.

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3. Knowledge and Experience Power

'What do you know! Been there, seen it, done it!'. This healthy maturity, great 'hands-on' experience and good preparation determines who gets the business. A never ending eagerness to learn and grow is fun and fundamental.

4. Presentation Power

This is where our traditional senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling - play the main role as stated in the 1967 UCLA research outcomes that words are 7%, tonality, 38% and body language (including 'good looks') are 55% of the message.

5. Inner Power

Here we talk about the 'real presence' of a person that is perceived with the '6th sense'; it can be described in terms of integrity, sincerity, 'heart and soul', passion, charisma, the real person!? It is that natural authority of authenticity, trust and 'the right feeling'. Recent research show that this is actually about 65% of our communication. It is what makes us admire people such as Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. The better you manage yourself, the greater this all important 5th power. If your inner power is strong the first four will score high automatically and this road is faster and more affective than the other way around!

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