Food Coupons Worth Dh12 Million Distributed in UAE

Published May 16th, 2018 - 11:00 GMT
The foodstuff coupons were given to families registered with the Dubai-based Beit Al Khair Society. (Khaleej Times)
The foodstuff coupons were given to families registered with the Dubai-based Beit Al Khair Society. (Khaleej Times)

Beit Al Khair Society (Baks) has distributed foodstuff coupons worth Dh12 million to vulnerable people as part of its pioneering scheme the 'Ramadan Meer'.

The coupons were distributed to eligible families at the society's branches in Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, along with Al Maktoum centres in Al Barsha, Al Aweer, Hatta, and Al Lisaili.

Abdeen Taher Al Awadhi, general director of Baks, said the Ramadan Meer project covers all the food needs of targeted families in the holy month.

"Food coupons have been distributed to 4,394 of the families registered with the Dubai-based society, as well as 1,222 families who receive seasonal allowances."

Similar coupons, worth Dh200, Dh300, or Dh500 each, were distributed to the eligible cases nominated by partner government and private entities, he added. "The same has been contributed to centres for people of determination."

Al Awadhi said the Ramadan Meer is one of the major projects the Society has come up with to ease the suffering of poor people, and bring them happiness during the holy month and for Eid.


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"Beit Al Khair has allotted up to Dh90 million for its Ramadan campaign this year," he disclosed. "These will be spent on the projects under Farha or Joy Programme."

This programme includes the projects of Ramadan Meer, Iftar meal, Zakat Al Fitr, Ediya or Eid gift, let alone cash allowances contributed to indigent families to buy new clothes to celebrate Eid Al Fitr."

The society is also geared up to distribute around 500,000 free meals during the holy month of Ramadan, Al Awadhi stated. "These will be contributed at 45 massive Ramadan Iftar tents all over Dubai and the northern emirates," he said.

"The biggest of these tents will be the 'Zayed Al Khair Tent' at the Muhaisana area. It will accommodate up to 2,000 people every day."

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