Which UAE Companies Are Helping the Country Become More Food Secure?

Published June 15th, 2021 - 02:00 GMT
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The UAE still imports about 80% of the food consumed across the country. (Shutterstock: Arnold O. A. Pinto)

Despite it being a desert country by the Gulf coast, the United Arab Emirates has been working for years to achieve a higher level of food security, which can consequently make it a stronger country.

While the UAE is still considered amongst the most food-secure countries around the world, thanks to its strong financial abilities to purchase food, the country is still determined to develop its food industry so it does not only cover local needs but help with exporting products to other neighboring countries. 

Currently, the UAE imports about 80-90% of its food supplies, the UAE policies have been focused on developing the food manufacturing sector, so it strengthens the country's resilience in the face of any unanticipated crises. 

With an economy that is heavily reliant on oil prices that can be quite volatile, plans have been in progress to help to stabilize the country's ability to purchase food products and be able to process and export them as well.

In this article, we will explore a number of UAE businesses that have achieved regional and global success and can potentially help the UAE achieve its bigger goal, to become a major food manufacturer.

Al Ghurair Foods

With 40-years of experience in flour milling, Al Ghurair Foods have founded Dubai's very first miller, the group also owns the UAE's Largest poultry farm, producing a side variety of products consumed across more than 25 countries. 

Barakat Quality Plus LLC

Establishing its manufacturing arm in 2001, the Barakat Group produces some of the highest-quality fresh juices, fruits, vegetables, salads, ice creams, soups, sauces, and even hot meals, ones that are popular in the UAE, in addition to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Australia, Maldives and Seychelles.

Best Foods Company Dubai

With products available across the Middle East and North Africa, Best Foods provide the Emirati and regional market with chocolate and nut-based snacks, including Best Nuts, Tamrah, Zee and Tumtum.

Perfect Food Factory

Also known as Tanmiah, this food manufacturing business is a holding of Al Dabbagh Group Holding Company, which according to naukrigulf.com operates in the agriculture and food business. 

Al Islami Foods

Offering Halal food products to consumers since 1981, Al Islami Foods produces a variety of frozen foods, including meat and vegetable meals.

Gyma Food Industries Ltd. (Bayara)

For three decades, Gyma's Bayara line has been producing a wide variety of cooking essentials & healthy indulgences, such as spices and herbs, pulses and grains, dried fruits and nuts, dates, and other snacks.

Have you tried food products manufactured by any of these companies?

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