G20 Aftermath: Hamburg Shop Owners Ask for $20 Million in Riot Damages

Published July 12th, 2017 - 11:30 GMT
A protester throws a bottle at riot police in Hamburg last week. (Ronny Hartmann/ AFP)
A protester throws a bottle at riot police in Hamburg last week. (Ronny Hartmann/ AFP)

Hamburg retailers have demanded 18 million euros (20.5 million dollars) in damages from protests that turned violent during the G20 summit in the northern German port city last week.

Inner-city shop owners made the request in a letter written to Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz after grocery markets and storefronts were plundered and badly damaged in the three days of violence, public broadcaster NDR 90.3 reported on Tuesday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the actions of the rioters and insisted that victims of the protests receive compensation from the state.

The Hamburg retailers said their demands for damage had so far not included the costs of the protective measures they were forced to take ahead of the G20 summit.

Many shops had to board up their premises and deploy security guards for their businesses ahead of the meeting.

The letter, signed by the North Retail Traders' Association and Hamburg's Association of Medium and Large Enterprises, maintained that some businesses could not open because their employees were too frightened by the violence to go to work. Potential customers were also prevented from entering the inner city by police operations.

To cover revenues lost during the demonstrations, the retail traders have demanded two additional Sunday shopping days during the crucial build-up to Christmas in December.

Under German trade laws, shops are open for a set number of Sundays each year.

By Andrew McCathie


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