Galliano boutique opens in Mall of the Emirates

Published October 4th, 2010 - 02:30 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

(ME NewsWire)At long last, the first ever Galliano boutique in the region has arrived on the sandy shores of Dubai. This much-awaited flagship store is located on the second floor of the fashion Dome at Mall of the Emirates.

On October 3rd, a select group of Dubai’s hippest, trendiest and fashionable young men and women were invited to celebrate the opening of the boutique and to feast their eyes on the new collection.

The theme was ‘Urban’, the mood was upbeat, the atmosphere - alive, electric and young. The DJ was tuned in to the pulse of the audience and kept the guests on their feet, even as the stunning new collection kept them in the store, curious to see and experience more.

The new boutique that spans a total area of 183 square meters echoes urban chic styling with cream coloured walls and granite flooring. It features the new line of clothing and accessories for men and women, all designed by John Galliano himself.


Then and now

The Galliano collection first debuted in Paris in July 2006. January 2010 saw the advent of the men’s collection. The Galliano line currently houses over 600 items of clothing and more than 200 accessories (bags, leather goods, gloves and scarves).


The Galliano woman

The glam rock Galliano woman is young, independent, and unconventional. A true free spirit, she has a strong personality and a very distinct identity. She communicates through electric, funky and hip-hop music. She’s a young woman who adores experimenting and who has made an art of mixing vintage and edgy looks. She’s at once sexy and sophisticated.

The Galliano man
The Galliano man captures the essence of the designer’s quirky character and legendary showmanship.

In his words
“… The person I had in mind for this collection is myself at age 20, back in the days when I was obsessed with fashion and just had to have the right clothes, at the time nowhere to be found. We’d scour the flea markets for vintage pieces, which we’d then take apart and sew back together to invent our very own looks. What made this way of dressing so powerful is we had the chance to express our own individuality, our own unique creativity,” says John Galliano.

So if Galliano is the look for you, head on down to the fashion Dome at Mall of the Emirates and check out the trendy new collection in store. Add something surprising and distinctly Galliano to your wardrobe

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