Gold rates in Oman today

Gold rate in Oman

Gold Prices in Oman

In Oman, 24K was trading at 24.27 OMR per gram at the opening of the market, while 22K was trading at 22.33 OMR, 21K at 21.24 OMR, and 18K at 18.20 OMR per gram.

Unit Latest Price (OMR)
24k price per gram 24.27
22k price per gram 22.33
21k price per gram 21.24
18k price per gram 18.20
24k price per OZ 754.82
Rates were last updated in Oman on Tue, 28 Mar 2023 04:00:02 UTC (Oman time).
Note: The listed gold prices are exclusive of VAT

Previous gold prices in Oman

These are the gold prices in Oman for the last few days:

Date 24k 22k 21k 18k
2023-03-27 24.27 22.33 21.24 18.20
2023-03-26 24.40 22.45 21.35 18.30
2023-03-25 24.45 22.49 21.39 18.34
2023-03-24 24.49 22.53 21.43 18.37
2023-03-23 24.66 22.69 21.58 18.50
Note: The listed gold prices are exclusive of VAT

Gold History Chart in Oman

Through the years, the people of Oman  have made it a tradition to buy gold in the form of jewelry, coins, and bars, especially during the Eid holidays (al-Fitr and al-Adha) and Ramadan. 

Considering that gold is the most popular metal used in making jewelry, the above table shows the gold price today in Oman in Omani Rial (OMR) according to the local timezone of Oman, including 22K Gold price in Oman and 21K Gold price in Oman with a chart for live gold rate in Oman. 

This page previews gold price today in Oman for an ounce of gold (oz) in Omani Rial, in addition to Oman gold rate for 24k, 22k, 21k, and 18k. 

Today gold rate in Oman is based on gold spot price in U.S. dollars; converted to Omani Rial according to the current U.S. to Omani Rial conversion. 

The gold price is updated every minute, while Oman gold rate is updated every hour. The gold and currency (i.e., OMR) details are continuously retrieved from the main marketplaces, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gold Rate in Oman Today 

"Gold rates in Oman"

How is Gold Measured in Oman? 

Gold is measured in different ways around the world and has various designations for both its purity and weight. In Oman, gold is weighed in Gram, Tola, Sovereign, Pavan (Poun), troy ounces, and Kilogram, but its purity is measured in karats. 

  • 1 Gram = 1000 milligrams of gold 
  • 1 Tola = 11.6638038 grams of gold 
  • 1 Pavan = 8 grams of gold 
  • 1 Sovereign = 8 grams of gold 
  • 1 ounce = 28.3495 grams of gold 
  • 1 Troy ounce = 31.10 grams of gold 
  • 1 kilogram = 1000 grams of gold 

What are the Different Karats of Gold Sold in Oman? 

Gold purity or fineness in Oman is measured in units of Karat, with 24-karat gold as the purest and the most malleable. Manufacturers generally alloy or mix less pure gold with harder metals like Silver, Palladium, Zinc, and Copper to improve its strength and resilience. 

These are also often quoted as a percentage: 

  • 24 Karat: It consists of 99.5% and more gold 
  • 21 Karat: It consists of 91.7% of gold and 8.3% alloyed metals 
  • 18 Karat: It consists of 75% of gold and 25% alloyed metals 
  • 14 Karat: It consists of 41.7% of gold and 58.3% alloyed metals 

Without knowing exactly how much pure gold an item contains, it is difficult to arrive at its true value. 

What Colors of Gold are Available in Oman? 

Yellow gold is the most popular color in Oman and can be found easily in many popular stores. But today, gold is available in a diverse palette by adding other metals; most often Silver, Copper, Zinc, Palladium, and Nickel. 

Depending on what alloys are combined with the gold, different gold shades and colors are created. For example, white gold is created through alloying pure gold with white metals such as Palladium or Silver. 

How To Calculate Gold Price in Oman? 

To calculate the gold price today in Oman, follow these steps: 

  1. Determine the type of karat, whether it is 24, 21, or 18. 
  2. Know the weight of the jewelry piece in grams. 
  3. Know the value of workmanship. 
  4. Find out the value of the goods and services tax. 
  5. Multiply the total number of grams by the price of grams. 

There are many factors that influence the gold rate in Oman today, and the final amount that the buyer will be paying such as: 

  • Global Gold Price 
  • Gold rate in Oman today 
  • Grams of gold to buy 
  • Making charges 
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT) 

To know the gold rate in Oman for 10 grams; check the above table that shows the current gold price in Oman in Omani Rial (OMR). 

Can I Invest in Gold in Oman? 

Yes, anyone can invest in gold in Oman by either investing in mining stocks or buying gold bullion bars or coins and selling it later at a higher price, according to the today gold rate in Oman. 

When is the best time to buy gold in Oman? 

Before buying gold in Oman, make sure that you are buying gold at a reasonable price, by finding out its current price per gram and gold rate in Oman today from online websites. 

It is advisable to go through the historical gold rate if you buy gold for investment. 

Make sure to purchase your jewelry from is a reputable place, based on the gold rate in Oman today. 

Where to Buy Gold jewelry in Oman? 

Speaking of jewelry, Oman is the perfect place to buy gold jewelry for having some of the finest international jewelry chains. Some of these jewelers, who also retail a string of internationally reputed branded jewelry, stock traditional designs that are of good demand among Arab buyers. 

Here is a list of the best places where you can buy gold jewelry in Oman: 

  • Ruwi High Street: An incredible place that has an impressive amount of gold on display. 
  • Malabar Gold & Diamonds 
  • Joy Alukkas 
  • Sky Jewellery 
  • Atlas Jewellery 
  • Kalyan Jewellery 
  • Sea pearls Gold & Diamond Jewellery 
  • Damas 
  • Muscat Jewelry 
  • Jawahir Oman Jewellers 
  • Adam's sons Jewellery 

When to Buy Gold in Oman? 

The best time to buy gold in Oman is during Diwali, the Indian festival of lights when most Indians buy gold and jewelry. During this season, jewelry shops come forth with many interesting offers, gifts, and buying options.