Here’s Why You Should Start Using Job Slots

Published May 20th, 2018 - 09:15 GMT
Hiring is practiced in every single organization that you know, regardless of how small or big the organization is. (Pixabay)
Hiring is practiced in every single organization that you know, regardless of how small or big the organization is. (Pixabay)

Hiring is practiced in every single organization that you know, regardless of how small or big the organization is. But, there are differences in how organizations hire, and they include the recruitment solutions the organizations use, their sourcing techniques, filtration tools, and much more.

But essentially, every business needs to engage in the activity of hiring because at the end of the day, without the hard work and productivity of employees, companies wouldn’t be able to grow and achieve success on their own.

We’ve previously talked about how hiring today isn’t what it used to be. Due to developments in both the employer and job seeker market, changes in the way we hire had to happen. Those changes include the implementation of hiring strategies, the use of advanced recruitment solutions, and changes within the company itself in order to adapt to the new needs of job seekers (ie. flexible working hours, motivational environment, etc.)

So, if you need to ensure that your organization is thriving and is becoming successful through your human resources, a good practice to participate in today as an HR professional, or even a hiring manager, is to make sure that your hiring process, filtration stage, and the candidates themselves are all aligned with your companys’ sourcing strategy, hiring goals, and overall organizational culture. When those factors are aligned, the candidate you end up choosing will most likely be the perfect fit for your vacancy and will cope very well to their new position.

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And as the #1 Job Site for serious and professional talent, we had to cope with the changes as well and create a product that will address the needs of our employers’ ever changing hiring needs.

As an HR professional, you might go through a period where your hiring needs are at a low point, but at other times your hiring needs might sky rocket unexpectedly. For example, if you’re a company that produces high tech equipment and the need for your product is decreasing, you may want to invest in hiring additional researchers and developers to help you upgrade your existing products to meet the new needs of your customers. But, tech improvements isn’t the only case where you’ll need to hire immediately. Another example where you’ll need immediate hires could be an expansion, or even a merger. Whatever the case is, quick and efficient hiring is a task that all HR professionals must practice.

This is exactly why Job Slots was created. The best way to begin explaining this product is to ask you to put yourself in the shoes of a valet employee.

If you work as a valet employee, you’ll need to park cars in empty parking spaces. If you don’t have any cars coming in, the parking spots will be empty and available. But, once the need arises, you’ll have parking spots to fit all the cars coming your way.

Job Slots works in the exact same way as parking spaces. For a whole year, you’ll have a slot/slots on our website where you can advertise your vacancies whenever the need arises. If you need to hire a Sales Executive this month, and an IT Administrator next month, you can use the same job slot to fill both vacancies! The concept behind Job Slots is convenience as well as cost efficiency. If you have an empty slot that’s available all year long, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to source, filter, or pay for your recruitment solution. You can easily replace, switch, or remove an existing job posting to satisfy your hiring needs at any point in time.

But, why should Job Slots interest you? Well, from our extensive work with employers, we’ve discovered several issues that employers face when it comes to hiring, and we’re going to highlight them and discuss how Job Slots helps address these issues.

  • Inability to Hire Immediately

Sometimes, organizations are put in difficult situations where they need to fill a vacancy immediately. Either because the position is critical, or because HR professionals need to meet their hiring targets. Regardless of the reasons, they often find a lack of available, affordable, and cost efficient recruitment solutions.So, the first issue that Job Slots addresses is the constant availability of a platform where you can advertise your vacancies.

  • Inability to Meet Hiring Targets

Hiring plans are created in order to help HR professionals always have their pipeline filled with potential candidates that are qualified to fill any vacancies.  As an HR professional, creating a hiring plan according to forecasted hiring needs should be a common practice. And, by having a constantly available Job Slot on, your recruitment solution will always be there to help you fill your pipeline.

  • Inability to Keep Your Hiring Cost Efficient

From previous research, we’ve discovered that employers can take up to 60 days to find a qualified candidate to fill their vacancy. The time taken to find this candidate comes at a cost. Job Slots are a more cost efficient job posting solution. They allow you to purchase one slot and use it to hire as many positions as you have opening up, one at a time, keeping your overall hiring cost as low as possible.

By Yazan Al-Shafai

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