Here Are 5 Jobs If You Have an Accurate Personality

Published April 7th, 2019 - 05:00 GMT
One of the most overused keywords in CV is “detail-oriented”. (Shutterstock)
One of the most overused keywords in CV is “detail-oriented”. (Shutterstock)

One of the most overused keywords in CV is “detail-oriented”. Unfortunately, many people include that on their CVs without actually meaning it and simply because it is sought-after in many job descriptions.

It is highly encouraged to use accurate keywords to give a clearer picture on your suitability for certain positions and companies. It is also vital to elaborate on these claimed skills and to provide specific examples wherever possible.

As for the perfectionists and detail-oriented professionals in this world, there are certain jobs where nitpicking is actually a (hidden) job requirement! If you are able to pinpoint problems and issues at all scales and under all circumstances, then you’re exactly the kind of person such jobs are targeted for.

We’ve done our search in our database and compiled a list of jobs that truly need attention to detail.

1. Editor

Have you ever read a newspaper or an article on any website and noticed a typo that gives the sentence a whole new (potentially hilarious) meaning? Believe it or not, typos take place even after proofreading more than once. This is why editors need to have high attention to detail, so to prevent such typos and minimize them.

2. Quality Control

Quality assurance is not restricted to one field. In fact, every industry has its own quality assurance measures. When producing products, the quality must be up to standards. A restaurant needs to be checked for hygiene. A video game or a software needs to be tested for any bugs. No matter the area of work is, not only does a quality controller need to be meticulous, they also need to be knowledgeable in their respective field.

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3. Auditor

It’s extremely important for any company to know where money goes and where it comes from. That makes a good auditor an irreplaceable and valuable asset. For this job, attention to detail is so essential that the room for error cannot go above 0%.

4. Product Designer

Being meticulous is any designer’s greatest asset, as design by nature aims to make life easier down to the tiniest details. However, being a product designer in specific requires more meticulousness as it is aimed towards the masses. Take the umbrella for example. It’s a design that is despised by everyone as it is more troublesome than useful! This is why a product designer has to think of the smallest of details that may improve the quality of life for the user.

5. Paralegal/Lawyer

Working as a paralegal or as a lawyer requires the penultimate of detail-oriented. The greatest of lawyers and paralegals are the ones who are able to find the cracks or the loopholes in a case and use that to their advantage.

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