Here's How You Can Join Elon Musk's Tesla Empire

Published October 2nd, 2022 - 10:30 GMT
Here's How You Can Join Elon Musk's Tesla Empire
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A couple of days after demonstrating its prowess in artificial intelligence and future computing at its AI Day 2022 event, Elon Musk's Tesla has now launched a recruitment drive to hire techies aspiring to work on Artificial Intelligence & Autopilot.

Musk had earlier said that the AI Day 2022 event was aimed at enrolling AI & robotics engineers. In a tweet shared ahead of the AI Day 2022 event, he mentioned that the event might not be for a layperson as it would be too technical. He further urged the engineers interested to join Tesla to watch the event, saying "this event is meant for recruiting AI & robotics engineers."

The job position open in Tesla offers multiple roles including building AI inference chips to run Full Self-Driving software, developing Dojo system, enhancing neural networks.

The selected employees can also get a chance to put their hand in developing the core algorithms that drive the car, in optimising code, in evaluating infrastructure and even working on Tesla bot.

STEP 1 If you are interested, all you have to do is click the link embedded in the tweet shown above. After clicking, the link will direct you to the official Tesla page. Here, the job role and expectations are explained in detail.

STEP 2 At the bottom of the page, there is a form for candidates to participate in the recruitment drive. The form just asks basic details i.e., your name and email address to contact you in the future.

STEP 3 In the form, there is a question asking about your exceptional work in software, hardware or AI, which needs to be answered mandatorily.

STEP 4 At last, you have to attach your resume in the form and click apply.

STEP 5 If found qualified, Tesla will contact you for the further process in the selection.

Interestingly, Tesla does not stress much on educational degrees while recruiting employees. On another occasion, Musk had tweeted, "High School Grads: You do not have to have a college degree to work for Tesla. You can work for Tesla straight out of high school."

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