Holiday handovers: make sure you're covered when you take vacation

Published December 14th, 2015 - 11:52 GMT

As you prepare to unwind and rest after a long, laborious year, it is perfectly normal to panic about the work you have to hand over before your vacation. But no matter how you do it, try to avoid leaving your colleagues with all the chaos.

Try these tips to help you get organized before your leave:

1. Provide sufficient notice

give sufficient notice

Inform your colleagues about your leave period well in advance of your date of absence so they can organize a timeline that allows them to schedule their work and your work as well, and make sure everyone has the resources they need to do a good job.

2. Organize yourself

organize yourself

Package all your work in an organized fashion and create a logical routine that your colleagues can easily follow.

3. Train your sub

train your sub

If your boss decides to appoint a temporary substitute in your place, make sure you have ample time to train him or her.

4. Set up your email

set up your email

Be sure to set up your email account so that it sends automated responses stating that you’re away on leave. Add any relevant details as well.

5. Don’t procrastinate


Make it a point to get all your obligations out of the way before you leave so things don’t pile up when you get back. You don’t want to work when you are on your holiday like the 87% of professionals who said they do work while on leave, as revealed in our poll on holiday seasons and work (December 2014).

6. Delegate work efficiently

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While 93% of professionals say that their employer expects them to be contactable all the time, it is best to split up the work you want to hand over in a controlled manner in order to avoid any confusion while you’re gone. If things get chaotic at the office it could ruin your entire vacation.

Have you had a tough experience handing work over before your vacation? How did you cope?

By Roba Assi

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