Hoss says foreign states blocking aid

Published September 28th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Lebanese Prime Minister Salim Hoss accused Arab and foreign states yesterday of blocking aid to help Lebanon overcome its economic crisis and rebuild the south, which was freed in May from 22 years of Israeli occupation. 


“Our patriotic and national policy did not please many of the decision-making states, both Arab and foreign, so they blocked the aid that we needed to salvage the situation in the south ... and end the economic crisis,” he said in a Press conference. 

Hoss did not identify the countries. 


French ambassador Philippe Lecourtier said yesterday his country was not to blame for the indefinite postponement of a donors meeting on rebuilding southern Lebanon. 

“We haven’t expressed any conditions for a donors meeting to be held. It was delayed because the participants wanted it to be well prepared and wanted to be well informed on the projects to be financed,” Lecourtier said. 


His comments echoed the position described by the US on Sunday, when US Ambassador David Satterfield said more “preparations” were behind the delay in holding the conference. He also denied reports that the conference was postponed because of US presidential elections. 


Hoss was quoted in the Arabic-language Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper on Monday as saying the delay was the US way of punishing Lebanon.—(AFP)  


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