How to design your office for maximum productivity

Published April 20th, 2017 - 12:51 GMT
The right colors can help boost the productivity of employees. (Pixabay)
The right colors can help boost the productivity of employees. (Pixabay)

Keeping in mind that we spend most of our active life in offices, it’s a challenge to ensure that an office looks more like a “non-office”. Any workspace needs to inspire and employees need to look forward to entering an exciting and energetic space. Creative office spaces add to an organisation’s productivity, and this has been proven through research. Offices are not usually considered happy places, but what’s stopping you from turning your office into an energetic place? Knowing which space needs to be left vacant and which needs to be celebrated is the core essence of space design. There are quite a few ways to galvanise your office space, thereby making the ambiance interesting and people high-spirited.

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1. Transform spaces with graphic design

Design can make the most boring places come to life. It is amazing how incorporating some graphic design on your office walls can completely change the feel of the whole place. One of the major advantages of using graphics is the freedom it allows designers to explore. From inception to execution, every detail can be soaked in your company’s DNA, belief or mantra. Graphic design has a rich history and has gone through a metamorphosis through changing times. It is no longer restricted to media houses and record labels, but it has been explored and utilised across platforms and mediums.

It is not just offices of creative industries that can play around with graphics. In fact, every office structure can have some kind of design pertaining to its area of expertise or some profound and motivating creative visuals. Using graphics, energy walls, installations and illustrations can make walls really exciting. Walls with design are known to radiate positive energy in the office environment and within employees.

2. Use content to solve space design challenges

It is not necessary to fill up every wall with designs. Quotes and logos can be a great way to spread a sense of motivation around the workspace. Positive quotes or quotes relating to a familiar work situation can help boost employee morale in situations when some of them might be feeling a little low. The right kind of words set the right kind of mood among employees in a workspace. Understanding and absorbing the DNA of an enterprise to create written content and logos on walls is a great way to make a workspace creative and attractive.

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3. Use the right colours

Colours have the ability to define the ambiance of your workplace and transform a person’s state of mind. For instance, warm colours can spark numerous emotions like comfort, and cool colours often the feeling of calmness. Colours even have the power to make a room appear bigger or smaller. Dark colours often make a room look small while lighter, brighter colours make rooms look more spacious. Therefore, the right colours can bring about some really positive changes in a workplace.

4. Stir up your furniture

Office furniture needs to be inviting and comfortable enough for employees to not feel like taking frequent breaks. Gone are the days of boring and uncomfortable chairs that were meant for keeping workers awake and active. Employers need to realise that employees need to be comfortable to be able to work properly. This is the reason why colourful and comfortable furniture is now used in a lot of offices. It doesn’t mean that you’ve to fill your office with beanbags. Quirky furniture doesn’t always belong to a start-up. You can experiment with furniture that represents and reflects your company’s personality and attitude.

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5. Use good natural lighting

Bigger windows or more windows are the easiest way to let more natural light in. Natural light is much more positive than electrical lighting during the daytime. Office spaces that allow more natural light to enter their workspaces are known to be more conducive. People like to be able to get a glimpse of the outdoors every now and then; it acts like a tiny power break for them. Make your office space more creative by simply allowing in more sunlight and you will feel the difference almost immediately. The right light can brighten the space and enhance the mood of your space.

By Tonnit Thomas

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