“Although for small businesses we have to understand that the budget they have to spend for sure cannot be compared to big enterprises, companies still need to invest in employees behavioral trainings,” he added.

Vinucci stressed on the importance of investing in the training of employees in order to increase security of the companies’ information and data.

“Most of the incidents could be avoided by having the right behavior from employees point of view, such as when receiving some kind of emails, links that could be suspicious, connecting the work devise to WiFi that is not protected, sharing information in their network that is related to their business and the company private things, or they use the same password that they use at home again in the office and their work accounts — these are all behaviors that can somehow be changed or improved in order to decrease the possibility to have such incidents,” Vinucci said during the annual Cyber Security Weekend for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) that is held by Kaspersky Lab and took place in Istanbul on April 11- 14.

Collaborating with experts could be another tool to alter the employees responses and behaviors.

He mentioned that Kaspersky Lab provides businesses with an online platform. In this platform, employees can learn about security in general and it is targeting each kind of employees from logistic employee to the president of the company.

He further said “it is effective because it provides practical trainings. Not only things to read, but also exercises and games because its the right way to retain the intention of employees. And tests, like sending fake fish campaign to understand who in the company is going to open the messages. It is a way to test their knowledge.”

Small businesses can also buy security programs for employees computers and devices to protect the company’s data, including Kaspersky Lab anti-targeted attack and Kaspersky small office security.

By Shahd Alhamdan