How to recruit the best staff

Published September 7th, 2015 - 04:00 GMT
The hiring process can be overwhelming, but employees can help lift the burden. (Shutterstock)
The hiring process can be overwhelming, but employees can help lift the burden. (Shutterstock)

What do great recruiters do differently?

Before we can answer this question, we should agree on what makes a great recruiter. Simply put, great recruiters are those who hire the best people. If done right, recruitment could also be a tremendous opportunity.

Here are some tips from the experts at, the Middle East’s number one job site for great recruitment:

Know the job

You can't be a good salesperson unless you know the product you're representing. This is just as important for recruiters. The best recruiters know their job.

Also, and while many recruiters go through some type of formal interviewing training, most of them still face a hard time assessing a candidate’s skills and competencies. The real problem is not the questions being asked, but rather, recruiters not understanding the job they’re evaluating the candidate against. Not knowing a job’s needs turns out to be the root cause of the most common hiring mistakes.

The key to minimizing hiring mistakes and opening the pool to more top people is to get your hiring managers to clarify expectations by defining real job needs.

Become an employer of choice

Being an employer of choice is a reputation you build in your industry to attract top talent. Think about what a potential employee considers before agreeing to join your organization or business. Are you stable, making money and growing? Are you employee friendly? Does your mission catch the mindshare and/or the heartstrings of the people you most want to recruit? Will a new employee feel part of something bigger than themselves if they join you? Will your organization nurture their talent and provide exciting opportunities for challenge and professional growth?

If you can answer these questions affirmatively, analyze every component of your recruiting process to make sure that you are sending these messages. If you want to be an employer of choice, you must act like an employer of choice, by communicating this commitment to your potential employees.

Also, remember that people look for little things, such as whether you return phone calls promptly, acknowledge receipt of their resume, or call them when someone else is picked for the job they wanted.

Always check references when recruiting employees

A great recruiter needs to check references carefully and do background checks to make sure that the people they hire can do the job, contribute to their growth and development of their organizations, and have no past transgressions which might endanger the workplace.

Involve your employees in the hiring process

For many employers, the hiring process can be overwhelming; it’s just one more responsibility that draws them away from running their business. Sifting through resumes and posting job openings can take hours away from management and sales.

Employees can often lift part of that burden off of the shoulders of employers. Employees are capable of posting job openings to online job boards and local colleges, sifting through resumes and even performing preliminary interviews.

You have three opportunities to involve your employees in the hiring process:

1. Your employees can recommend candidates.

2. Your employees can assist you to review resumes and qualifications of potential candidates.

3. Your employees can help you interview people to assess their potential "fit" within your company.

Organizations that fail to use employees to assess potential employees are underutilizing one of their most important assets.

Ideas for great recruitment are endless and endlessly challenging, but they are worth the time and effort you invest when they result in top talent for your organization.

Each organization has to start somewhere to improve recruiting, hiring, and retention of valued employees. If you're a recruiter, try a few of the techniques described above on one assignment. As you become proficient, continually try more of the techniques until they're mastered. You'll soon be performing at a much higher level.

Collectively, this is how to make hiring top talent a systematic business process. Better, it's how you make sure that everyone is committed to making hiring top talent a number one priority.

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