Huawei Surpasses iPhone’s Market Share in Saudi Arabia: Report

Published August 29th, 2017 - 12:43 GMT
Huawei exceeded iPhone’s market share in Saudi Arabia as of end of July 2017. (File photo)
Huawei exceeded iPhone’s market share in Saudi Arabia as of end of July 2017. (File photo)

Huawei has ranked second in smartphone market share in Saudi Arabia, according to a new study published by GfK. Huawei exceeded iPhone’s market share as of end of July 2017. With this rank, Huawei’s market share is 17.3%, while Apple ranks third with 16.4%. This increase in ranking follows a successful year that has seen the company raised its profile around the world and in the Kingdom due to the increasing customers’ trust, the smartphones’ quality, innovation and suitable price ranges, as well as the network of distributors and partners in the Kingdom and the after-sales services.

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Pablo Ning, VP, Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, said “this advance in ranking in Saudi Arabia is the direct result of all team members at Huawei, as well as the distributor and partners and consumers’ trust. We see this success as a further responsibility to offering further smartphones and services with the high quality and technical innovation users are looking for. We would like to extend our gratitude to the partners and distributors network in the Kingdom, and we truly value their unlimited dedication towards customer service, and putting the best and most suitable smartphones in the hands of each user.”

Huawei launched its nova 2 Plus smartphone in Saudi Arabia in July 2017, which exceeded expectations in customer satisfaction due to its elegant design and advanced photography capabilities, as well as high performance and quality.

Huawei is fully committed to the Kingdom and its citizens, and strongly believes in the importance of strategically developing distinguished partnerships in the local market that create more impactful Public Private Partnership (PPP) programs that understand the local needs to build local talents.

Saudi Arabia’s new Vision 2030 represents the springboard from which the leadership will enact its progressive and ambitious plan for the country over the coming decades and reflects a long-term drive for economic reform, diversification and the eventual transition of the country into a knowledge based economy.

Huawei’s localized operations in Saudi Arabia enable it to contribute to socioeconomic development of the Kingdom by creating jobs. Working jointly with local industry leaders, Huawei is be able to fully combine the advantages of its global value chain with local innovation capabilities, enabling local innovations to reach the global market and achieve the impossible.

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Huawei’s strategy is to support the advancement of the Kingdom’s ICT sector, nurture young talents and push forward the country’s job localization agenda, and expand the pool of potential Saudi candidates joining the workforce after graduation, while improving the number of Saudi nationals taking up careers in the ICT field.


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