Iran radio denounces Bush extension of US sanctions

Published April 22nd, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Iran state radio on Saturday, April 21, denounced US President George W. Bush's decision to maintain unilateral oil sanctions against Tehran. 


It said in an official commentary that the decision had "stunned political observers because everyone knows now that the Republicans will continue the Zionist-influenced policies of their predecessors." 


Mahmud Vaehzi, former deputy foreign minister, was meanwhile cited saying Washington "in reality is only carrying out sanctions against American firms by keeping them out of an important market like Iran's." 


Bush announced Friday that he had no immediate plans to repeal the sanctions in place against both Iran and Libya. 


The previous Democratic administration of Bill Clinton last year lifted sanctions on some non-oil Iranian exports including carpets, caviar and pistachios. 


Iran and the United States broke off diplomatic relations in April 1980, several months after Islamic radicals stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took the staff hostage. 


Washington accuses Tehran of supporting international terrorism, undermining the Middle East peace process and developing weapons of mass destruction. — (AFP, Tehran) 


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