Iraqi oil export to Jordan and Turkey may cease

Published June 27th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Iraq is threatening to cease oil exports to Jordan and Turkey if these counties support any new forms of international sanctions against them, reports Al-Hayat daily.  


The Iraqi Minister of Commerce, Mohammed Mahdi Saleh, stated that Iraqi oil exports to global markets would resume only when the UN Oil-for-Food arrangement, approved by Iraq in 1997, is resumed.  


Saleh rejected the American-British “Smart Sanctions” program, stating that the proposal only aims to impose foreign control over Iraq.  


The value of contracts signed between Iraq and the Arab world since the implementation of the Oil-for-Food Agreement in 1997 through mid-2001 amounted to $10.6 billion. This figure includes $2.4 billion contracts with Egypt, $2.23 billion contracts with Jordan, $2.08 billion with the UAE, $1.07 billion with Tunisia, $638 million contracts with Saudi Arabia, $547 million contracts with Syria and $510 million contracts with Lebanon.  


Furthermore, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jamil Bin Ali Sultan, recently stated that a number of national companies were awarded contracts to export Omani merchandise to Iraq within the framework of the Oil-for-Food Agreement. Sultan estimated the value of these contracts at $3.8 million. –(MENA Report)  


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