Israeli company threatens to stop fuel deliveries to Palestinians

Published June 10th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

A private Israeli company has announced it will stop delivering petrol to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip because of unpaid debts, Israeli state radio reported late Thursday, June 7. If the company, Dor Energia, makes good on its threat, some one million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip could be deprived of fuel, the radio said. 


It quoted a company director who accused the Israeli finance ministry of not paying the outstanding debt from Palestinian accounts frozen by Israel. The accounts hold money from taxes from Israel meant to be paid to the Palestinian Authority under the accords setting up Palestinian autonomy. In the past, Israel paid Israeli suppliers directly from the Palestinian funds. 


A cut in fuel supplies would also likely provoke the shutdown of waterpumps in the Palestinian territory, 

Israel stepped up its economic sanctions on the Palestinian territories following the suicide bombing in Tel Aviv last week that killed 20 Israelis and the Palestinian bomber. —(AFP) 


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