The Jetsets Prepares To Take Off

Published May 18th, 2021 - 02:57 GMT
The Jetsets Prepares To Take Off
The Jetsets will operate a single fleet of aircraft — the 12-seater Bombardier Global 6000 — with luxury interiors that high fliers are so accustomed to.

The Jetsets is set to transform fractional aircraft ownership in the Middle East becoming the first home-grown start-up in this sector of the regional aviation industry.

Based in the UAE, the company aims to redefine the private jet market, offering clients across the GCC and beyond with an opportunity to fulfill their lifestyle needs centred around shared ownership of an executive plane.

Seen as a regional game-changer, The Jetsets has a simple business model —  to provide owners with significant savings by sharing the cost of aircraft purchase, operations and maintenance between them. The target audience of high net worth individuals and corporates are assured of a boutique-style flying experience supported by lifestyle management services.

The Jetsets will operate a single fleet of aircraft — the 12-seater Bombardier Global 6000 — with luxury interiors that high fliers are so accustomed to. An aircraft will be co-owned by up to 10 clients, who will each be given a multiple of 100 hours of annual flying time that rises dependent on the percentage level taken in a jet.

The Jetsets

As the name suggests, The Jetsets are smart flyers, frequent travellers and companies who are looking for flexibility and the ability to travel on holiday or work with friends, families or colleagues with great comfort, convenience and style.

Speaking at Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, The Jetsets' newly-appointed President John Brayford said the company had been in the planning for more than a year with the backing of one of the world's most respected private banks to support the new venture.

“At a time when people are looking to travel even safer under the current pandemic environment, flying privately is an extremely viable and practical option for comfort, convenience and safety.

“We have in place a robust business model giving clients the confidence of buying into an aircraft programme without incurring huge costs typically associated with owning a plane outright. Fractional aircraft ownership is very much an untapped sector of the Middle East business jet market.”

Brayford added: “We are delighted to have made significant headway building up our sales and marketing team drawn from the aviation and luxury sectors as we prepare to onboard our first clients and acquire our launch aircraft by the middle of 2021.

“As part of the process, we have put in place systems that are fully compliant with the regulatory authorities and have struck exciting partnerships with Bombardier and leading aviation companies in the UAE.

“Given the strong aviation infrastructure here, we are extremely pleased that the UAE has welcomed us with open arms as aviation, travel and tourism are integral to the nation’s economic development strategy. We want to be part of this huge industry and contribute to its success.”

The UAE has a vibrant aviation ecosystem with quality infrastructure, being geographically well located at the crossroads of east and west, and is a convenient base from which The Jetsets plans to reach out to clients across the GCC and beyond. 

The Jetsets' expansion includes the Middle East, Africa and India, a key market given its close business ties with the UAE.

The Private Jet Market in a Pandemic

The global pandemic has had a severe impact on the global aviation sector with fleets grounded, air travel collapsing and travel bans imposed by many governments.

But it has also led to a surge in private aviation and business jet movements due largely to changing rules and regulations and concerns over travelling in a socially distance environment on scheduled passenger airlines.

According to The Jetsets’ President John Brayford, there is no better time than now for a start-up in private aviation.

“The pandemic has shifted the goalposts in how and why people will travel. Choices have been restricted because of sharply reduced airline capacity.

“There’s also hesitancy among frequent fliers travelling in crowded commercial jets with hundreds of fellow passengers. 

“Individuals and companies are therefore re-thinking their priorities now and for the future for safety and logistic reasons when travel returns to pre-pandemic levels.”

Brayford explained that families would be looking to travel in their own bubbles on holiday, while corporates seek flexibility and convenience with personal welfare the utmost priority for both target groups.

He said while private charters had flourished during the current environment, the cost-effective fractional jet ownership market which The Jetsets is entering in the UAE this year, is a regional game-changer that is ready to take-off.


  • Ultra-long range executive jet
  • 7,000 miles flying range
  • Cruising speed 51,000ft
  • Non-stop from the Middle East to Europe, Africa, North America, Indian subcontinent, Asia and Australia.
  • 12 seat luxury leather configuration
  • Superior comfort, high performance
  • Fuel and noise efficient, environmentally friendly
  • High speed in-flight Wi-Fi

By Updesh Kapur

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