Job skills diagnostics: Find out what you're missing

Job skills diagnostics: Find out what you're missing
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Published February 8th, 2016 - 08:48 GMT via

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Upgrading your soft skills such as time management and communication can help make you more employable. (Shutterstock)
Upgrading your soft skills such as time management and communication can help make you more employable. (Shutterstock)

It’s been a month since the New Year started, and if you’re like most people, then you started it off with goals and plans to improve your life this year. If those goals are to improve you career, then you’re in luck. has over 15 years of experience in “lifestyle engineering”, providing people with the tools to empower them, helping them lead the lifestyles of their choice.

Here are three tips to help you get on the right path to achieve a shining career and complete this year’s goals. 

1. Find what skills are in demand

When you’re starting a new job search, it is of utmost important to understand the market in your country, and to learn what skills and qualifications are in highest demand. Of course, you can spend hours researching this, and reading articles and guides, or even surveys, such as the latest Middle East Job Index survey by We have an even better solution for you: the Career Map. The map allows you to identify the skills that are most needed in your target industry. You can use additional filters such as location, years of experience and level of education that will help you compare your skills to the ones already in supply in the market, so that you can stay competitive and a step ahead of everyone else. If you’re changing careers, or relocating, the career map reveals what changes you can expect depending on your decision.


Great, so far, you’ve figured out what skills you have, what skills you need to hone, and what skills you need to add to your repertoire. Time to move to step 2: advancing your skills.

2. Advance your skills – Take a course

This is the perfect opportunity to use’s learning tools, and find courses that will help you upgrade your skills, and add some new ones to your CV. Your options are wide, from soft skills – like “time management” and “communication skills” – to industry-specific expertise such as Adobe courses for designers, or Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) certification for accountants. Courses are truly your gateway to a better career, so get your thinking caps on, grab your notebooks, and enjoy learning something new!


3. Test your skills

Now that you have the knowledge and skills employers are looking for, the only thing left to do is to show employers what you’re capable of. What use are all those courses if no one knows about them? Take a test. offers many tests to assess your skills, and in every field. By completing a test and publishing your result, you get a certificate. The certificate is automatically displayed on your CV on, making you more discoverable to employers. You can also download your certificate in PDF format and share it with employers.


And there you have it. Your bright new career is as easy as 1-2-3. Remember, you can always visit’s career articles and blog for expert advice on advancing or changing your career. Good luck!

 By Sara Sakkal

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