Jordan eases import rules on certain goods

Published October 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Ministry of Trade and Industry on Monday decided to exempt importers of rice, sugar, barley, corn and foreign-made cigarettes from obtaining permits to import these goods. The decision applies to the five goods no matter what form of transport — sea, land or air — they are imported under.  


“The decision aims to facilitate the flow of goods into the Kingdom, and to ease procedures for importers,” said Samer Tawil, secretary general of the ministry. “The decision is first and foremost in the interest of importers, as it will ease the routine burden they had to go through to get a license,” said one importer.  


According to Tawil, the ministry is currently examining the feasibility of applying the decision on other products that now need permits to import. — ( Jordan Times )  


By Rana Awwad

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