Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said this week that Jordan's economy is recovering and moving steadily forward despite the global financial crisis and the Syrian infighting.

During a meeting with a delegation from the Union of Arab Banks participating in the 2014 Annual Arab Banking Conference 2014, Ensour said the economic measures taken by the government to deal with the economic challenges have helped the Kingdom avert a range of difficulties. 

The prime minister hailed social security, which Jordan has succeeded to preserve, as the major goal of growth, development and prosperity noting that  economic instability is an integral part of the whole instability witnessed in many Arab states.

The premier said the Arab world ranked at the bottom of the international growth indexes despite possessing all what is needed to achieve self-sufficiency, development and prosperity, adding that this has to be a motivation for more cooperation and joint efforts.

He told the bankers that Jordan has been always forced to change plans in order to deal with the developments arising from the turbulent surroundings, beginning with the Palestinian dilemma and now the Syrian crisis, stressing that the Kingdom is in need of support from all Arab states to be able to continue its pan-Arab nationalist role.