Jordan's poverty plan slammed

Published April 21st, 2013 - 07:37 GMT
Jordan's new poverty plan has been slammed as "inadequate"
Jordan's new poverty plan has been slammed as "inadequate"

 The [Jordanian]  Economic and Social Council (ESC) has criticised national poverty combating efforts as “inadequate”, with progress made “disproportionate” to the size of funds spent. 

In a recent report issued by the ESC, the council said that the services and efforts exerted in some areas regarding ending poverty have exceeded their actual needs and that in other areas, untargeted individuals have benefited from services and projects more than the intended citizens, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.  

The report indicated that poverty in Jordan is “mostly urban”, meaning that there are more underprivileged people in cities, while the number of poor in rural poverty-pocket areas accounts only for 33.5 per cent of the total number of less-fortunate citizens in Jordan. 

“The impoverished segment of the population is concentrated in urban areas, constituting for around 66 per cent of the poor in the entire country,” according to the ESC. 

The council called for a universal definition of poverty and a unified assessment methodology that can be achieved through adopting a multi-dimensional concept that takes into account human rights and not only the financial aspect of poverty.   

The ESC also recommended the activation of the charity societies’ support fund and improvement of the government’s mechanism of disbursing financial assistance and subsidies. The ESC argued that the government should endorse the National Aid Fund’s database as the main reference in plans to address poverty.

The study was based on official and unofficial studies as well as media reports, according to Petra.   

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