Say cheese! Jordan launches live camera feeds of tourist hotspots

Published February 13th, 2013 - 08:41 GMT
Jordan's tourist board launched new live webcams of the Kingdom's "most treasured and visited locations"
Jordan's tourist board launched new live webcams of the Kingdom's "most treasured and visited locations"

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) on Tuesday launched live feeds from a collection of web cameras overlooking some of the Kingdom's "most treasured and visited locations".

"Jordan is the first country in the Middle East to instal tourism webcams," a JTB statement said, adding that the project was implemented in cooperation with EarthCam, an international company providing live streaming video services for clients in more than 1,500 international cities, and Zain Jordan.

"EarthCam's webcams act as a virtual passport," the JTB said. 

The cameras overlook five locations in Jordan: the Citadel, the Amman skyline, the Dead Sea, Petra and Aqaba.

One webcam takes "viewers high above the busy city streets and delivers sweeping views of the always-active capital", the JTB statement said. 

"Another camera, located at the Dead Sea, holds the title of the lowest webcam on the planet. The Dead Sea is known as the largest natural spa on Earth because of its rich sources of natural salts, sought after for their healing and therapeutic properties." 

In Aqaba, the camera gives a peek into "Jordan's window to the sea".

"Included in the collection is the first webcam to deliver views of a world wonder," the statement said, adding that "viewers are invited to travel live to the ancient site of Petra".

Jordan's "most valuable treasure… is a vast, unique city that was carved into the sheer rock face by an industrious Arab Nabataean civilisation that settled at the location more than 2,000 years ago". 

“This collection of educational and scenic cameras offers something for everyone, whether you are an adventure seeker, history buff or travel enthusiast,” the statement quoted Clarissa Ramirez, EarthCam network product specialist, as saying. 

The project, according to JTB Managing Director Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyyat, highlights Jordan as an oasis of security and stability in the midst of a turbulent region.

“This will not only show that Jordan is unaffected by the political turbulence that has been going on around the region, but will also showcase the beauty of the sites day and night,” he said, according to the statement.

Zain Jordan provides the Internet service to broadcast live feeds from the cameras and also offers free Internet services at the tourist attractions, according to Zain Jordan CEO Ahmad Al Hanandeh.

"EarthCam's Jordan webcams are available 24/7 at no cost to the public" on

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