Jordanian firm accused of Israeli ‘ties’ sues for damages

Published May 9th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Papers are to be filed this week in a Jordanian court by a local ready mix concreate supplier, which is seeking both financial and punitive damages from the Jordanian Engineering Union and the Anti-Normalization Committee of the Union of Professional Associations, which is a body dedicated to opposing the normalization process with Israel. The two organizations, says the ready mixed concrete supplier, have falsely accused it of having Israeli connections, although the real aim of their campaign was to hinder it from increasing its market share in Jordan. 


The company involved is the Amman-based Al Ramz Concrete Industries Ltd, which began operating in Jordan in 1996, as the daughter company of the ReadyMix Concrete (RMC) Group, which is the world’s leading supplier of materials to the construction sector.  


“Right from the outset, we were subject to charges that we were a ‘Zionist’ organization, with strong connections to Israel,” said Al Ramz’s Abdel Razzak Dajani, speaking to MENA Report. “Since that charge was clearly fabricated, it obviously was an attempt by our competition to prevent our entry into the market.” 


According to Dajani, the tenuous connection that has been made between Al Ramz Concrete Industries and Israel is the fact that the RMC is also represented in Israel. “You are talking about a massive, international conglomerate, with representatives in countries right across the world. Al Ramz Concrete Industries has no connection with RMC’s Israeli representative, and we never have.” 


Dajani says that Al Ramz will be seeking about 15 million Jordanian dinars in both financial and punitive damages. “We have witnesses that are prepared to testify that they chose not to enter into as business relationship with us because of our so-called Israeli connections,” he noted. 


“What is at risk here is much more than my company’s future,” Dajani said. “Any foreign firm wishing to invest in the Jordanian economy could find itself subject to the same type of opposition from its local competitors, who can claim that the firm is ‘Zionist’ or ‘Israeli.’ We are saying that such attacks are clearly outside the boundaries of the law, inasmuch as they serve as an obstacle to free trade.”  


In February, the Jordanian government charged several members of the Anti-Normalization Committee of the Union of Professional Associations with participating in an illegal organization” and “endangering citizens’ lives.” The charge came in response to a list of companies that was published by the organization, which it was charged had dealings with Israel. — (MENA Report)

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