Jordanians head south, an Eid tourist destination

Published July 19th, 2015 - 06:00 GMT

The port city of Aqaba is the preferred destination for Jordanian holiday makers during this Eid Al Fitr holiday, according to Shaher Hamdan, president of the Jordan Society of Tourism and Travel Agents. 

Hamdan told The Jordan Times Thursday that as the holiday, which starts Friday and continues through Monday, is relatively short, the majority of Jordanian vacationers will spend it inside the Kingdom, having made reservations for Aqaba, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. 

“The holiday is not enough for the majority of vacationers to travel abroad,” he said, indicating that Sharm El Sheikh is the second preferred destination by Jordanians due to its proximity and affordability. 

For people with limited income and members of the middle class, Aqaba is the top destination, as it is cheaper than any other place outside Jordan, according to Hamdan. 

Turkey is the third destination, Hamdan said, adding that Jordanians booked for short visits to Turkey. 

If the holiday were longer than three days, Turkey would be the second preferred destination, he noted. 

“Jordanians love to go to Turkey to spend long holidays between five and seven days to tour the attractions there,” Hamdan explained, adding that Aqaba is always the number one choice for people during Eid holidays.

However, Hamdan said many Jordanians have booked longer holidays in Turkey as they plan to skip the three working days after the Eid holiday announced by the government. 

Khaled Awamleh is leaving for Turkey on Saturday. 

The airline company employee told The Jordan Times he plans to spend five days in Istanbul and other cities with his wife and two children.  

Going to Turkey for a short trip is not worth it. I planned this holiday even before Ramadan,” Awamleh said.

By Omar Obeidat

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