Jordan's PM appeals for international expertise at 2015 World Water Week in Stockholm

Published August 25th, 2015 - 08:15 GMT

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Monday highlighted Jordan’s need for international technical expertise and assistance to deal with water challenges.

Delivering an address at the opening session of the 2015 World Water Week, held under the theme “Water for Development”, the premier said Jordan is suffering from an acute water shortage, noting that this represents one of the biggest obstacles in the face of economic growth and development.

Ensour highlighted the government’s plans and projects to improve water conditions in the Kingdom, which have been exacerbated as a result of the influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan.

The country’s participation in the international week is deemed important in light of the challenges the country is facing and the need to benefit from international expertise, especially since Jordan is one of the three poorest countries in terms of water at the international level.

Pointing out that the current demand is much higher than the available amounts of water, Ensour underscored the importance of investing in water infrastructure and facilities to deal with the projected water deficit, which he said could cost Arab countries $300 to $400 billion by 2030.  

The premier told participants that the water situation in Jordan has not received sufficient international attention as much as it requires, noting that the Kingdom is looking forward to learning from experts’ advice and to receiving assistance from democratic states such as Sweden, which he said tops the list of countries that pay attention to humanitarian issues.

Water Minister Hazem Nasser, who is accompanying Ensour on his visit to Sweden, underscored the significance of Jordan’s participation in World Water Week as a rich platform for exchanging ideas and water-related solutions, stressing that the conference focuses on a specific issue each year in order to be thoroughly examined.

Experts, practitioners, decision makers, business innovators and young professionals from a range of sectors and countries annually come to Stockholm to attend the conference, network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today.

In remarks to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, Nasser said that this year’s World Water Week is held in the same year that has been set as the target for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, which the conference will highlight.

The most relevant topics related to “Water for Development” that will be discussed are financing, integrity, gender issues, climate change, energy, sanitation, food, conflict resolution and water management.

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