Lebanon residents in Sidon protest prolonged electricity cuts

Published August 4th, 2015 - 11:09 GMT

Security forces deployed Tuesday near Electricite du Liban's Sidon headquarters as residents protested the severe electricity rationing that was taking place in the city.

The state-run National News Agency reported that protesters held up banners denouncing the electricity shortage in Sidon and its suburbs.

On Monday, dozens of protesters tried to storm the South Lebanon Water Authority over water cuts but were blocked by security forces.

Temperatures have steadily risen across the country over the past few days, while an electricity shortage has prevented pumps from delivering water to homes and businesses.

The power supplied by the government to Sidon, the nearby district of Zahrani and towns to the east of the city, has not exceeded two hours per day.

The power shortage has also led to water cuts, with the water pumps operating on electricity and the state-run Sidon Water Authority unable to afford the costs of operating electric generators.

The Zahrani power plant has been out of service for the last two weeks, forcing people to cope without running water as temperatures rose to around 34 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

However, EDL announced Monday that the maintenance work at the Zahrani power plant would require several more days to be completed.

The company also said that power-rationing would be reduced, meaning that more power would be distributed, particularly in Beirut.

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