Lebanon sees growth in tourism despite regional conflict

Published June 30th, 2015 - 10:04 GMT

Lebanon is experiencing growth in tourism despite the myriad of political problems, Tourism Minister Michel Pharaonsaid Monday.

“Despite all the problems facing the country, tourism witnessed a growth of 25 percent over the past nine months,” Pharaon said during a ceremony at the Sports andCulture Club in theJbeil district town of Qartaba.

He said the growth was owed to civil society, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, as well as the Lebanese Army’s role in fighting terrorism along the border with Syria.

Pharaon warned that recent attacks in Tunisia,Kuwait andFrance should put more responsibilities on “our shoulders.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre on a Tunisian resort Friday that killed at least 38 people and wounded many others, most of them Western tourists.

At least two other attacks took place the same day in France and Kuwait. A suspected Islamist beheaded his boss and left the head hanging on the gates of a U.S.-owned gas factory in France.

ISIS also claimed responsibility for the bombing of a Kuwait mosque that left at least 27 people dead and more than 220 wounded.

Pharaon also warned of the “grave danger” Lebanon would face if the fighting escalates in Syria’sHoms province and near Damascus, “which could lead to a new wave of refugees.”

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