LG Celebrates "The World On Your Table" at the Life Tastes Good Championship Global FinalE

LG Celebrates "The World On Your Table" at the Life Tastes Good Championship Global FinalE
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Published October 9th, 2010 - 18:06 GMT

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Amman-Jordan (October 2010) – LG Electronics (LG) held its third Global Final of the Life Tastes Good Championship (LTGC), its annual contest for amateur chefs in Seoul, Korea on September 29. A total of 25 teams comprised of 40 chefs from around the world showed off their home cooking skills using LG’s latest cooking appliances, making this the biggest LTGC Global Final ever.


Under the theme of “The World on Your Table”, participating chefs who won national and regional titles in 22 countries across the all continental from North America, South and Central America, Europe, the CIS and Asia to MEA created a range of unique savory dishes with ovens equipped with LG’s latest Lightwave Technology. Caroline Boutoille from France, who produced barbecued beef tenderloin with rosemary, mashed cauliflower and broccoli meal, frozen vegetables, red pepper emulsion, picked up the LG Global Grand Master Chef Prize and received the LG LTGC Global Final 2010 Trophy, an LG Lightwave Oven and voucher for an F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Package.


This year, LG joined hands with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to co-host the LTGC and a series of four-day culinary programs that lasted from September 27 to 30. The aim was to support the city’s greater effort to raise awareness and promote further understanding of Korean cuisine to further accelerate its globalization. Guests from around the world not only were inspired by the enlightening presentations by Guy Martin, a Michelin-started-chef from France, and Korea’s own Edward Kwon, both members of this year’s LTGC Chef Board, but also had the exciting opportunity to witness and taste some of the world’s extraordinary culinary creations by these top celebrity chefs that captivated both the palate and the eyes.

The professional and amateur chefs relied on LG’s innovative cooking appliances to create their culinary miracles. Guy Martin amazed the crowd by showcasing the Guy Martin Signature Line, a series of 80 pre-programmed recipes on LG’s MontBlanc,  built-in oven, while LTGC contestants showed off their cooking skills using LG’s new Lightwave Oven which delivers healthier, tastier cooking in a more eco-friendly way. LG cooking appliances bring more smiles to the kitchen by enabling home chefs to easily deliver “The World on Your Table” at chef quality.

“This year’s Life Tastes Good Championship was yet another huge success, bringing The World on Your Table to life through LG’s latest and innovative cooking appliances,” said Mr. Kevin Cha, Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant. “LG will spare no effort in enriching people’s lives around the world by developing cutting-edge cooking appliances with smarter technologies and continuing to improve this annual event with different themes every year.”


The show came to an end with the announcement of USA as the venue for the next LTGC global final and lively conversation and uplifted smiles lingering for a long time.

For more information: www.lg.com/cooking


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