Marketing In 2021: 6 Major Social Media Trends For Guidance

Published February 25th, 2021 - 04:00 GMT
Marketing In 2021: 6 Major Social Media Trends For Guidance
Marketing specialists have been crafting their annual plans according to the different habits that people follow online. (Shutterstock: 13_Phunkod)

In this day and age, our lives have been heavily dependent on technology. We spend many hours browsing through internet pages, whether we are looking for a certain piece of information or just because we are bored and scrolling through social media's endless pages can provide us with the comfort and entertainment we are looking for.

Either way, the tremendous amount of time we spend online has increasingly influenced our interests, priorities, and consuming behaviors, which has, in turn, impacted several industries, inspiring marketers to make use of peoples' online time to promote their products and services.

For years now, marketing specialists have been crafting their annual plans according to the different habits that people follow online. Two years ago, Snapchat dominated the hype and became a mecca for brands that wanted to appeal to customers during that time. But the internet world keeps changing, and an app or a trend that once controlled people's interests can easily diminish and become outdated.

If you are looking to know the different social media trends that can help you put the best marketing plan for 2021, here are the ones highlighted;

1. Relatively old age groups

In the previous year, social media has seen a spike in use by people from all different age groups, especially that 50+ and 60+ years old people have been advised to avoid socializing in person, which has urged millions of older generations to create social media accounts across different platforms, so they stay in touch with the outside world.

Even platforms that have been quite popular amongst teenagers have found their way to the hearts of older people, such as Instagram and TikTok.

During the last few months, there has been a flood of content by grandparents who have been introduced to the video-sharing app TikTok, making their videos amongst the most popular.

2. The TikTok card

Despite it being one of the newest social media networks, and even though the world has labeled it as a teenage platform, TikTok has quickly become one of the most significant areas of focus in marketing plans, especially after it has attracted attention of the world's most famous influencers.

According to Statista, 2 billion videos are watched daily via TikTok.

3. E-commerce incorporated into social media

More than ever, e-commerce has been relevant in today's world in 2021. People have gotten used to shopping online after months of having to do so in the wake of the pandemic.

The safety, the convenience, and the accessibility have all elevated the e-commerce experience, especially that it has now been strongly supported by social media networks, by providing the best user-friendly experiences.

In January 2021, online sales accounted for a record 35.2% of all retail in the UK.

4. Video Content

We can argue that the success of video content in promotions is the main reason TikTok has become one of the most important social media networks for marketing. People tend to prefer video reviews of products and services. The shorter and more fun a video is the more successful a video is in delivering a message or recommending a product.

According to Mediakix, over 60% of millennials trust YouTubers' recommendations before they make a purchase.

5.  VR and AR

What is a better way to persuade a consumer with a certain service than providing them with near-real snippets from it? New technologies can very soon trigger individuals' curiosity so they decide to embark on new experiences.

6. The human element

No matter how fascinated we are with technology these days, we still feel more reassured with a human presence, especially if we are trying to purchase a certain item.

We can definitely enjoy watching videos of the product or the experience we are interested in, we sure will like the VR video that took us somewhere we've never been to before, but nothing beats a human-based review.

Listening to people you trust as they list the good and the bad about an experience so you make up your mind about whether you want to buy or not, can certainly help you make your decision faster, which is what makes the human element just as important as the different technological advancements. 

Finally, we believe that Clubhouse will soon become a great platform for marketing, especially that it's one of few apps that are witnessing a huge rise in the number of users in such a short term, making it the year's most popular social media network, at least so far.

What other trends do you think can help marketers layout their annual plans and start outlining their strategies and budgets accordingly?

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