Marketing network wants to help get the word out about Jordan

Published November 16th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The French trade exhibition Promosalons network company which has 64 representatives in 56 countries on Tuesday, November 14, announced the launch of its activities in Jordan. “We would like to have more political will of the private sector initiative, as Jordanian companies could be very good partners,” said French Ambassador to Jordan Bernard Emie during a press conference announcing the launch.  


The 30-year-old market communications network organizes exhibitions and offers French expertise to local businesses to boost visitor attendance at trade and industrial exhibitions. “There is a priority of seeing more Jordanian companies getting involved in exhibitions in France, and we would like to help the country develop its activities in organizing international exhibitions,” Emie added.  


Promosalons Paris acts as a focal point for an international network of country offices and delegations. “The methodology is executed by targeted marketing operations, optimal media coverage and logistical assistance for visitors,” Jean Claude Mouret, Promosalons, France director general told reporters.  


Expressing enthusiasm for the new project, Chairman of the Amman Chamber of Industry Othman Bdeir, said further meetings to discuss ways and means of future establishments would be organized. According to Mouret, Intermarket Communications (IC), a branch of Team Holding Group, was chosen as the Promosalons representative in Jordan.  


The company will be under the direct supervision of Promosalons regional office in Lebanon. “The company will add value to exhibitions and products through marketing and communications in building an image for the future or by selling,” Karim Abu Khadra, IC managing director told the Jordan Times. French professional teams are expected to offer technology transfer and expertise on how to promote and sell shows, add value and best highlight the main events at each show.  


Their assistance will also include updating the exhibitors on market evolution as well as expanding their promotional efforts throughout the world. “France is the first country in the world in tourism — 70 million tourists come to France annually — and that number is increasing every year,” said Emie. “France is also the first country in making maximum numbers of congresses and world exhibitions that provide technology and expertise,” the ambassador added. — ( Jordan Times )  


By Dana Abu Sham  

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