MasterCard football “fever” global advertising campaign airing in the Middle East

Published June 22nd, 2006 - 09:35 GMT

MasterCard is airing its FIFA World Cup “Football Fever” global advertising campaign in the Middle East. In support of its 2006 FIFA World Cup Sponsorship, MasterCard Middle East and Levant (ME&L) has negotiated a “title” sponsorship media buy with Arab Radio & Television (ART), the official Middle East broadcaster allowed to air 2006 FIFA World Cup matches.


MasterCard’s “Football Fever” FIFA World Cup television commercials are appearing on ART during the World Cup matches. The 30 second clips illustrate how people from all walks of life are engulfed by the passion of supporting their countries’ teams leading up to and during the world’s largest and most viewed sporting event.


The narrative unfolds with images of supporters from every nationality demonstrating football fever symptoms leaving the affected in a frenzied state enjoying the FIFA World Cup. The spot ends with the tag-line, “Football Fever: Priceless.”

The creative behind the campaign is inspired by a new rendition of the classic song “Fever” by up-and-coming UK recording artist, Dann. The song’s lyrics, melody and tone reflect all the emotions of soccer fans and general sporting enthusiasts who get caught up in the tournament experience – from elation and joy to anxiety and despair.


Localized versions of the commercial featuring MasterCard’s global football spokesperson Pelé are appearing in different parts of the world as part of MasterCard’s global focus on bringing fans closer to the game.  In host-market Germany, “Fever” commercials feature MasterCard spokesperson and German National Team Head Coach Jürgen Klinsmann and are part of a national promotion.


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