Maximizing travel rewards: tips for planning your vacation

Published May 24th, 2023 - 10:00 GMT
Maximizing travel rewards: tips for planning your vacation
Planning a vacation now requires more creativity and openness than ever before

ALBAWABA - In light of the recent increase in the cost of airfare, hotels, and other travel activities, recent data from the "Hopper" website has shown a significant rise in the cost of planning a spring vacation compared to the same period last year. The data indicates a 20% increase in airfare prices and a 64% increase in hotel bookings. It is also expected that prices will continue to rise during the upcoming summer travel season due to high demand for airline services. 

Therefore, planning a vacation now requires more creativity and openness than ever before, as travel rewards programs and discount points can contribute to getting more entertainment opportunities for the same amount of money. 

The following points will help you make the most of travel rewards offers, how to obtain them, and how to spend them.

1. Obtain a travel rewards credit card:
Travel credit cards come with welcome rewards that allow cardholders to enjoy various benefits such as free travel, discounts on airlines and hotels. Some of these cards have rewards values exceeding $1000 if the cardholder spends the required minimum amount. 
There is no specific "perfect travel" type of credit card over another; the types of cards vary depending on the type of travelers. Some cards offer suitable discounts for business travel, while others have programs that cater to families or frequent travelers, whether domestically or internationally.

2. Focus on collecting flexible rewards points
The advantage of flexible rewards points lies in the fact that they can be redeemed with a variety of airlines and hotels. The benefits are not limited to a specific group. Each flexible rewards program has its own set of airline and hotel partners, allowing members to redeem points through their respective travel portals at a fixed value.

3. Double Your Points with Your Life Partner
Instead of striving to collect as many rewards points as possible, your life partner, whether it's your spouse or partner, can earn additional rewards on the same expenses. They can also be added as authorized users on bank accounts and various cards.

4. Be as Flexible as Possible with Your Plans
Maximizing travel rewards opportunities should be coupled with a high level of flexibility regarding travel dates, destinations, and even the type of trip. Insisting on flying to a specific airport or staying at a particular hotel on fixed dates may not align with the accumulated rewards points and may result in the traveler having to pay more out of pocket. 

5. Leverage Loyalty Programs with Fixed Reward Schemes
Many loyalty programs operate dynamic and variable pricing models, estimating the cost of using rewards points based on demand and fluctuating cash prices for accommodations or flights. However, there are still loyalty programs that utilize fixed reward schemes, meaning you can redeem your travel rewards points at the expected same value. By taking advantage of those fixed rewards redemptions, you can set a goal and determine the number of points you'll need at the right time to make summer bookings.

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